First Date Ideas

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  • CaliToni ( 50 / W / Marysville, CA )

    A long ride on your bike, up the coast would be nice or in the mountains. Stopping in some romantic spot for a picnic and a long chat getting to know one another.

  • Ironman4ever ( 57 / M / Nottingham, MD )

    Come on now, this is a tough question, Naturally it would be a preface time together, we meet up, have so much fun before you know it is 2 in the morning, we both decide to sleep together, wake up and start having fun al...  read more>>

  • DMSHORT ( 56 / W / Fairfield Bay, AR )

    To finally meet a face that when we meet the first time we have that eye to eye look that includes a first time twinkle and the smile that is unforgetable. I am not sure of what I would want to fill the first date with a...  read more>>

  • nazbueller ( 52 / M / Leicester, England - Leicestershire )

    a few drinks and a nice chat, and a ride out

  • captondon73 ( 43 / M / Topeka, KS )

    Dinner is always a good way to start good conversation!

  • youneedme ( 54 / W / Republic, OH )

    Going to a mutual place and meet. Would prefer to ride the Harley.........

  • IWannaNOU ( 51 / W / Fayetteville, NC )

    We could jump on a jet fly to Paris have dinner.. Or just decide together what will make us both happy..

  • rowandride ( 43 / W / Klamath Falls, OR )

    Riding of course! Maybe a hike too! Coffee...anything

  • RideOn2011 ( 56 / M / Pasadena, MD )

    Start with short get together, coffee, cocktail.....must have interest in riding or....have your own bike.

  • txlatina2011 ( 53 / W / Mesquite, TX )

    Can we sit at the lake and talk while listening to the water, wind...and enjoying nature?

  • myluvisfree ( 57 / M / New York, NY )

    i have not dated for a while,but i am ready now to give my total love to the woman who will show me love too... a perfect setting for a new date in my own opinion should happen in a quite place. [in the comfort of ones l...  read more>>

  • Jerrilee62 ( 54 / W / Salem, OR )

    maybe a ride to the woods bringing drinks and music picnic stuff find a wateful to sit and enjoy the beautiy thatmother nature created

  • iron2006 ( 53 / M / Reisterstown, MD )

    Meet at a nice cozy location for drinks or coffee and head out for a ride/

  • DonIron361 ( 58 / M / Smithtown, NY )

    A cup of coffee at the diner, a cocktail at your favorite place, lunch or dinner out...lady's choice. I'm open to suggestion and I hope the first date would be what makes you most comfortable.

  • Frendly ( 47 / M / Flushing, MI )

    a ride along one of the great lakes, with a few stops to mingle, a good dinner and beverage. a stop at a beach for some sun and swim and then a nice ride home to a movie and chillin and chattin!!!