First Date Ideas

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  • zaclack ( 62 / M / Nottingham, England - Nottinghamshire )

    would love to dine on a park bench with fish and chips with the sun shining down on the both of us, just to see if there is a spark there. If so we could start up our bikes and go riding into the sunset

  • hdhobo ( 58 / M / Silver Springs, FL )

    A place serving lunch with a nice quaint and quiet atmosphere to talk and get to know each other. After that a ride on the Harley.

  • harleycat27 ( 50 / W / North Port, FL )

    To go for a Nice motorcycle ride. Stop for dinner and enjoy some good conversation.

  • red1979 ( 36 / W / Salem, MI )

    riding down Hines in the sunshine, maybe some food packed in the saddle bags or stop somewhere and grab some food and drinks and then continue riding....

  • TexasConcho ( 64 / M / Forney, TX )

    Dine out and go for a ride. Get to know each other.

  • Sweetpea1974 ( 39 / W / Terre Haute, IN )

    That would be something we can agree upon, up for suggestions or we could grab lunch somewhere outdoors maybe

  • Lihal45 ( 48 / W / Cartersville, GA )

    Doesn't really matter.We could go riding and just stop somewhere and eat lunch or dinner.

  • cjc9999 ( 48 / M / Felixstowe, England - Suffolk )

    find a cosy corner of a pub to chat or walk along prom!

  • Riverratt44 ( 61 / M / Louisville, KY )

    My ideas for an interesting start would be a nice bottle of wine in the saddle bags with a couple of "Red Solo Cups" and a nice cruise to one of the "Diner, Drive Inns and Dives" featured restaurants. There are 5 or 6 in  more>>

  • sky_biker37 ( 41 / M / London, England - London )

    Lunch, good movie, talk(I am sure I have a few jokes that could crack you up), we take a walk, do something you like to do, no sex on the frist day, I wasn't brought to be like that

  • BikerRosie ( 56 / W / Woodbridge, VA )

    Ride along scenic Skyline Drive with lunch at Big Meadows and their famous blackberry ice cream

  • legally_auburn ( 55 / W / Fort Wayne, IN )

    Sitting and talking or going to a concert. Get to know one another.....

  • roaddog1200 ( 55 / M / Pioneer, CA )

    i like the idea of meeting for lunch, a face to face meet in an informal setting with food is a great way to get a first impression, or even coffee at StarBucks. A bar with friends is good too.

  • countrydusty ( 55 / W / Hamshire, TX )

    a long ride with leisurely stops along the way

  • blueys ( 63 / W / Reynoldsburg, OH )

    I would like to meet at a restaurant or coffee shop for a first date. After that the sky is he limit. I love outdoor activities like camping, I love day trips on the bike and ones and old classics.