First Date Ideas

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  • rebelson1950 ( 66 / M / Pineview, GA )

    well...basically my idea would be to make sure that my first date would be something that would make my date happy...anything other than that is up for grabs

  • silky64 ( 53 / W / Englewood, CO )

    Whereever the most comfortable place would be for both !

  • 09ninja650r ( 37 / M / Pittsburgh, PA )

    Keep it casual and fun... Drinks and Games at Dave and Busters, followed by dinner somewhere else in the Waterfront. Then maybe a late comedy show!

  • harleygirl2323 ( 43 / W / Crete, NE )

    Dinner and it doesn't have to be fancy(I'm a down home kinda girl),getting to know one another . Then maybe take in a movie or go for a ride down by the river .

  • RDH0512 ( 45 / W / Lancaster, OH )

    dinner dancing drinks and in the summer a ride (on your bike) lol

  • BigMitch ( 48 / M / Broomfield, CO )

    Anything goes and I do mean ANYTHING

  • socrispee ( 58 / M / Dover, DE )

    My Ideal first date is a ride on my bike down the coast,stop for a bite to eat,ride to a meeting of recovery,and then a walk on the beach with an icecream cone

  • rhighway ( 61 / M / Sayreville, NJ )

    Good conversation over drinks. Then we'll see what happens...

  • LeMaster ( 52 / W / Oak Grove, MO )

    Riding as in amusement park, bungee, boating, horses and bikes of coarse. Dinner, drinks, dancing and if a 2nd, my stomping ground, the Nelson Art Gallery, lunch. If a 3rd, breakfast.

  • spunkyone68 ( 49 / W / Collinsville, IL )

    Something simple to be able to talk and get to know each other.

  • FRredhead ( 60 / W / Fall River, MA )

    Not sure, it would depend on distance.

  • ateball07 ( 57 / M / New Richmond, OH )

    A nice ride to a decent dinner and maybe a movie, then a moonlight ride

  • bobcat63 ( 54 / W / Rockledge, FL )

    First date idea.....a nice evening ride, stopping at a waterside bar for a drink where we can talk....continue on a ride down A1A or another nice back a quiet, hole in the wall/no name place for either a nice...  read more >>

  • wingman123 ( 62 / M / Vancouver, WA )

    Dinner at a nice quiet place where we can talk for hours. Then maybe a stroll by the river

  • BlackVTX1300 ( 59 / M / Pittsburgh, PA )

    First meetings occur before first dates. A first meeting might be over coffee or a beer just to see if we have much in common - besides riding of course. Assuming we want to get together again a ride would be nice, somet...  read more >>