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  • caddie ( 67M / Valley, AL )


    My idea of a great first date is a long bike ride beach or mountains and a good meal with a lot of conversation

  • citykitten ( 49F / Seymour, IN )


    A romantic at heart... The first date would be a getting to know each other... maybe a casual place to have dinner...

  • HarryFKnutts ( 63M / Tacoma, WA )


    Hop on the scoots, take a nice lumbering ride. Locate and good eatery and chow down and engage in some basic information exchange. Let's get to know one another.

  • Marsh16 ( 23M / Temple, TX )


    Have a good dinner then ride out to watch the sunset.

  • NITRO47 ( 49F / Tyler, TX )


    Meeting for a dinner and then possibly second date...pick me up and take me for a ride.