Biker Activities My favorite date ideas

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  • Escrimador ( 44M / Melbourne, Victoria )


    I would love to take my date to a motorcycle cafe, then ride to kinglake to take in some sights and get to know one another.

  • patriot4477 ( 42W / Pleasanton, TX )


    comedy club,kareoke bar,sports bar.

  • froggiedog ( 57M / Berkeley Springs, WV )


    mabe a nice ride out to lunch and hang out

  • RC8Rachel ( 43W / Fort Knox, KY )


    Meet for breakfast, fill up the tanks and ride all day. Hit scenic spots, take pictures, enjoy nature, chat with other riders. Finish the day with a nice cool beer or glass of wine.

  • Salvatore46 ( 39M / Katonah, NY )


    No pressure for first date maybe coffee or a drink.