Dates, die einen Unterschied machen

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  • lm2336 ( 68M / Naples, FL )


    Would like to meet in late afternoon for a drink and conversation. If things go well we both will know it and then dinner could would be in order. If things don't go well then a drink and away we can go...

  • ReynoldsA20 ( 59M / Maidstone, England - Kent )


    I only have one idea!? and that is to go for a run on the Harley.... What else, this is a biker site....

  • swtbuns56 ( 60M / Luzerne, PA )


    I am open to suggestions, want the woman to be comfortable. But do have suggestions too.

  • trentdea1 ( 55M / Phoenix, AZ )


    Cofee or Biker function were we can meet and discuss whatever, Hopefully the next date will be a little more intimate were we can really talk and learn more about each other.

  • bikerbabe19 ( 49F / Sidney, NY )


    A nice ride on the motorcycles and maybe have a nice relaxing picnic some where away from everything, just the 2 of us. So we can get to know one another with out be interrupted and have fun.