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  • Gina11 ( 48W / Katy, TX )


    Take a ride early evening down a country road. Before we arrive to the destination stop and grab food and drinks. Find an open field and have dinner and drinks and enjoy the outside, conversation and continue the ride un  more>>

  • B0NES77 ( 56M / Champaign, IL )


    Grab a cup of coffee or a drink or two somewhere were we can talk and get to know a bit about each other.

  • fancyfringes ( 56W / Valparaiso, IN )


    Walk on the beach with ice cream or in a park with flower gardens.

  • sexycg ( 51W / Aberdeen, MD )


    Option 1- ride country setting or to the beach, nice walk holding hands, playful kisses, candlelit dinner... Option 2- local bar to listen to a live band, standing room only, huggin so everyone knows we are together  more>>

  • harleryluver ( 49W / Lockesburg, AR )


    cooking a meal, sitting back watching a movie together snuggling in each others arms, going for a late night bike ride