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  • WildCar ( 61F / Joliet, IL )


    Love to meet for a few drinks and talk about each other and the things we like, no pressure, be yourself ,see if we want the same things in life.

  • tinakn ( 41F / Eau Claire, WI )


    Meet for drinks to get to know each other.

  • larrygolfer ( 62M / Lake Saint Louis, MO )


    love to have dinner and chat have a drink / do some dancing . Then go for a ride.

  • redluvstoride2 ( 52F / Watford City, ND )


    Just sitting somewhere and chatting...getting to know each other...seeing if we click and want to go for a ride somewhere.

  • CountryGreen ( 55F / Liberty, KY )


    I don't believe in adding any more stress to our first meeting..something, iced tea..comfortable..and in public...