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  • MjRou93 ( 20F / Sudbury, ON )


    My ideal first date would be going to see a movie or doing something interactive like bowling. That way we can see if our personalities mesh and there's less fancy words for us both to hide behind. Actions always speak l  Weiter>>

  • ninasavage ( 43F / San Diego, CA )


    Group ride to Julian or Disneyland!

  • rrphilli1 ( 52M / Phoenix, AZ )


    Going out for dinner or drinks and to have a great conversation over many topics. Communication and attraction is a good beginning. Where the date takes place is secondary; I usually have fun anywhere!

  • lsr103 ( 52M / Strabane, N.Ireland - County Tyrone )


    I'm hoping to meet someone whose warmth blows me away but who also has a chunky, blokey side to them. I'm a non-fem bloke and am looking for similar. I'm afraid camp or effeminate fellas just don't do it for me - sorry  Weiter>>

  • HarleyChiquita ( 49F / Dunedin, FL )


    Anytime I have a good time with good company, it's a great idea!