First Date Ideas

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  • pistonpete2000 ( 63 / M / Tallahassee, FL )

    We all know the first date is just to meet and make sure the other party is not a wierdo so first dates are best when they are simple. If two people, however, are onnthe dsame page, then the moon can be the first date!

  • Calgon ( 47 / W / Spanaway, WA )

    Mayhem Festival anyone?? Pain in the Grass?

  • Shadow3622 ( 43 / M / Moose Jaw, SK )

    I'm up for anything, coffee, a drink, or even just a walk.

  • Swtsouth69 ( 47 / W / Jacksonville, FL )

    How about a beer and an appetizer. Or a game of pool. Maybe somewhere quiet. I'm pretty easy going and don't get out very much. So as long as its safe and around people, I'm okay with it.

  • terryann01 ( 53 / W / Wheeling, WV )

    I think the first date should be casual. maybe lunch or afternoon drinks. something low key where you have no pressure. I don't think you need over the top to know if you fit. you just know.