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  • SirenMa ( 72F / London, ON )


    A first date should be about getting to know each other in an easy relaxed setting. That could be a coffee or tea, lunch, or even a walk somewhere.

  • Bespri4in ( 24M / Los Angeles, CA )


    World's fastest Indian - great film!)

  • heritage87 ( 50M / Gibsons, BC )


    Hanging out having fun... getting to know each other then go for a ride and end up at a pub for some good food and a beer or glass of wine with some good music.

  • uglydave ( 45M / Buffalo, NY )


    a walk at the Fall's,get to know each other,grab a bite to eat ,maybe a few cocktails on a patio,a nice relaxing we can get past just the "looks"thing and see if there's any connection!

  • bella_kat65 ( 50F / Park Ridge, IL )


    uber casual!.........just a nice chat to get to know one another