First Date Ideas

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  • BuckskinGal ( 66 / W / Sonora, CA )

    Go for a short bike ride up here in the mountains - to a location we both like... Stop for lunch @ a place we both agree upon, preferably w/outdoor seating. We'll both take it from there...

  • Sage72 ( 45 / W / Denton, TX )

    Riding ... chilling... chatting...

  • snortF100 ( 57 / M / Fallbrook, CA )

    Would be nice to go on a ride event together and enjoy the warm weather and back roads of San Diego county.

  • Aphrodite80 ( 37 / W / Stewardson, IL )

    Just riding and some lunch.

  • Grizzly69 ( 60 / M / Levittown, PA )

    go on a poker run or a Saturday ride with some good people this way we can get to know each other

  • MeezerLover ( 59 / W / Columbus, OH )

    Let's go for a bike ride together and then stop to get something to eat along the way and just talk for awhile, and then continue the ride until the end of the day.

  • MeNmyRide ( 54 / M / Fullerton, CA )

    Go out riding a few drinks some all U can eat Sushi. All's well then blaze a trail on to the next adventure!!

  • jess28 ( 44 / W / Albuquerque, NM )

    Cruising on your harley,the wind blowing my hair,my holding on real tight to you and whispering in your ear, you showing me off. Just riding and riding all day and night long.

  • stevesting ( 49 / M / pretoria, Gauteng )

    Meet for a ride

  • wolverine569 ( 57 / M / Boulder City, NV )

    Meet for coffee, get to know each other and go for a ride,

  • windindahair ( 50 / M / California, MD )

    Obviously a dating idea would be a biker event since we are on a biker site. I enjoy just about anything though that gets me outside. You can drop me a line via windindahair at that hot place.

  • MrBear ( 57 / M / Ventura, CA )

    Ride along the coast or mountains..stop off for a bite and a drink.Stop enjoy the sites.

  • SuzzyQ ( 60 / W / Bradenton, FL )

    riding, beach picnic, swimming, sunset, star gazing

  • Southerncougar56 ( 57 / W / Hortense, GA )

    Go for a nice ride, find a quiet place to have some place to have a drink and to talk and get to know each other, learn what each one is looking for, our likes and dislikes. Then see where things might go from there

  • ladycentaur ( 54 / W / Jeffersonville, VT )

    ride to mtns or water, i buy lunch, take pictures, swap stories, share laughs...