Live Musik / Concerts

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  • NYUrbanCowboy4U ( 37M / Fort Edward, NY )


    Meet for coffee or a drink...something simple and reasonably quiet so we can chat and see where we're at.

  • Evette4072 ( 42F / Van, TX )

    +0 favorite thing to do is listening to live music if we could meet somewhere that's to loud it would be nice ... i open 2 just about anything my date would like to do :)

  • spoke64 ( 54M / Houston, TX )


    go to dinner on a motorcycyle or just meet and get to know each other

  • ItalianSweety75 ( 39F / Chicago, IL )



  • browneyes2026 ( 42F / Green Bay, WI )


    Dinner and Botanical Garden to see the Christmas lights

  • Nikkifox ( 32F / Surrey, BC )


    I would like to go to a pub by the beach, chat, walk around, see If we click.

  • lonerider2031 ( 36M / Troy, TX )


    go to a concert, Food Festival, or some other outdoor activity.

  • countrygirl123 ( 49F / Fort Campbell, KY )


    You pick me up on your bike it's a beautiful sunny day we head out to the road and ride until we find somewhere cool to stop lakes , river , bar , whatever sounds good for the day. then have a beer and some lunch and tlc  Weiter>>

  • Candygirl64 ( 50F / Reno, NV )


    Going to a live concert and then go from there

  • charm292 ( 53F / Manitowoc, WI )


    a walk along the lake or a quiet coffee shop any place that we can talk without having to shout to hear one another

  • bellaroxy ( 63F / Orlando, FL )


    biketoberfest is here this weekend , would love to ride with someone.

  • NadaAngel ( 52F / Las Vegas, NV )


    Dinner , riding, off to a kickass rock or metal music concert.

  • WOTCSAINT ( 55M / Guatay, CA )


    I would love to go for a ride to a seafood restaurant by the beach at Sundown. Walk on the beach holding hands and talking. Then maybe a movie or concert or coffee.

  • Passioncrazy ( 39M / Tacoma, WA )


    Meet for coffee or drinks and talk see if we would like to continue with the the date and do what ever strikes us

  • Charl_24_charl ( 26F / Farnborough, England - Hampshire )


    I like to go to a nice quite bar the drinks help with the nerves lol game a pool maybe and just have fun.