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  • mac954 ( 59M / Indianapolis, IN )


    great to hear from you. a bike ride would nice, maybe a light lunch and talk awhile.

  • smylnalways ( 59F / Rapid City, SD )


    Food, laughs, walking, talking, and riding..not necessary that order! Just some time to get to know each other.

  • 209harleyrider ( 52M / Modesto, CA )


    Meet some where for a drink or lunch,if things are good maybe go see a movie or go for a drive or a ride

  • Dafquez ( 43F / Etobicoke, ON )


    A movie, arriving early to spend some time chatting to get to know each other, then we have the movie to talk about. If you're into photography, talking a walk (bundled up!) on a waterfront trail to take some shots of na  Weiter>>

  • streetglide420 ( 48M / Gonzales, LA )


    Few drinks over dinner maybe a movie.

  • angry3 ( 58M / Wembley, AB )


    Oh just relaxing and riding. Maybe coffee or its really hot a couple cold beer.

  • Unoe_1 ( 62F / Buford, GA )


    meet for coffee at Starbucks and see what happens. love staying home when the weather is not suitable for riding, watching Law/Order or a good movie, lke going out to eat every now and then. looking fr a riding buddy tha  Weiter>>

  • bikersam2002 ( 46M / Northridge, CA )


    Nice Ride threw the Canyons, then down the Coastal Beach area's!

  • tk919xl1000 ( 27M / Loudon, NH )


    Living in New England that would depend on the weather of the day / time of year. On a good spring, summer, fall night something outdoorsy during winter something outdoorsy followed by a warm beverage inside by the fire.

  • gsalkowskigee ( 44F / San Jose, CA )


    I enjoy a long, scenic ride on the motorcycle... that sounds perfect. Did you know that the people that seem the strongest are usually the most sensitive? Did you know that the people who exhibit the most kindness are us  Weiter>>

  • RESCOM ( 47F / Peoria, AZ )


    Dinner at the yardhouse, a ride out to the desert, sitting by the bike under the moon. Getting to know one another.

  • niicole ( 46F / Sault Ste. Marie, ON )


    have to admit never dated before loves the simple things in life a relaxed peaceful enviroment no pressure opportunity get to know you time will unfold compatibility be ourselves and let nature take its course

  • kim1970 ( 44F / Nixa, MO )


    I would like to keep it simple for a first date. Maybe we could meet for coffee and talk or even a lunch. A nice place we could sit and visit.

  • deathwish608 ( 42M / Philmont, NY )


    WOULD LET DATE PICK maybe take a ride to eat and talk about each other

  • phoenix_muscle ( 45M / Tewksbury, MA )


    lets take a ride up through the mountains and find a place to eat and get to know each other better. followed by a ride home guided by the stars of the night. a long passionate kiss and a goodnight with the hopes of a se  Weiter>>