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  • Blueyam ( 43F / Tamworth, England - Staffordshire )


    ...having fun on some twisties and then have brew somewhere...

  • Sparkle3166 ( 48F / Smithsburg, MD )


    Idk. ..guess we'll cross this bridge if I ever get to it...

  • Ponytail2002 ( 46M / Henderson, NV )


    Ride to dinner or lunch somewhere, maybe do a Poker Run for charity.

  • pandoc49 ( 44M / Wausau, WI )


    Dinner/drinks and a relaxing ride through the countryside

  • rebelgirl34 ( 34F / Sturgis, MI )


    I would like to hop on our bikes and ride to the beach. Grab a drink and relax. Enjoy getting to know each other. Maybe a bonfire and drinks at the end of the night.

  • 1101e60thst ( 45F / Tulsa, OK )


    He pick me up we introduce ourselves with hugs. Once we'er on the bike we can go any where the activity is being held. When he brings me back to my place, we might hug or even a kiss good-night,

  • mgnelson68 ( 46M / Creve Coeur, IL )


    Would be discussed and mutually agreed on

  • BikerNanna ( 47F / Healdton, OK )


    I'm not really picky. You decide.

  • Just_me_Ruby ( 44F / Stoney Creek, ON )


    A ride, a picnic and lots of discussion! You can tell a lot in those quiet moments if you just listen. Got to have music! Almost anything but rap!

  • Terz64 ( 49F / Lodi, CA )


    Hanging out with friends to see if we click..

  • SHUVELHEAD13 ( 54M / Blue Bell, PA )



  • TxBabyG ( 36F / Lubbock, TX )


    Get some wind therapy. I like to see how a man rides his bike. We might stop at Rolling Thunder and have some lunch.

  • techie_biker ( 45M / Ashburn, VA )


    Well, since this is a biker site, maybe the first thing we should do is go for a ride :-)

  • rango0513 ( 59F / Fort Myers, FL )


    Something where we could be able to talk and get to know each other. Someplace outside but near activity. Near water would be nice and hopefully cooler..HaHahaha. day or night okay

  • RavenBlack ( 37M / Sterling, VA )


    Meet me half way so we can get some ride time in!