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  • Marioloveg ( 24 / M / Worcester, MA )

    We will be going on a movie date dowe by blackstone

  • ladynleopard ( 55 / W / Conway, SC )

    a walk on the beach, or a drink some where, so we could get to know each other better. hell one of my first dates was riding all over the beach on the back of his bike. we had a blast. and i was late for work, lol.

  • petebrown2218 ( 58 / M / Lexington, KY )

    To have a nice dinner then if thing go well maybe a ride or movie or we will see what happens from there

  • Blackcrow ( 50 / W / Studley, England - Warwickshire )

    Something fun like a theme park or cinema with meal after.

  • greatgiverofo ( 57 / M / Surprise, AZ )

    Coffee or a drink a bit to eat.. what you in the mood for. Im game..But NOT a game player..

  • Lorrie64 ( 53 / W / Santa Paula, CA )

    Going to a movie. I don't get much time for those. Waiting a day or two waiting on a load I might be able find a theater but its no fun by yourself. It's better with someone else.

  • hondaman1971 ( 47 / M / Independence, KS )

    Long ride in the country,nice dinnerout,rent a movie and sit on the couch and cuddle while u watch

  • bigbob1963 ( 55 / M / Albuquerque, NM )

    let me pick you up on the bike and enjoy a nice dinner of you choice and then a movie

  • wolf720 ( 54 / M / Tyronza, AR )

    we can play pool or just watch a movie, we could take a moon lite walk to get to know eatch 0ther

  • HDTravis88 ( 66 / M / Alameda, CA )

    Our first date could be dinner and a movie, or lunch along the ocean, and then ride up the coast hiway. go to Santa Cruz and walk on the beach, or just go for a walk, or watch the sunset. You don't have to ride on the Ha...  read more >>

  • Thunder1682 ( 36 / M / Fairland, IN )

    it all depends really. maybe go for a ride or a movie . really no idea.

  • ChopperGod ( 37 / M / Round Rock, TX )

    I would say maybe dinner and a movie or what might be fun is going to the batting cages something sporty then a nice dinner just depends I would ask her what she would like.

  • strongheart2012 ( 35 / W / Los Angeles, CA )

    Eat launch at the restaurant then walk down to the beach to catch some fun

  • mallory2000 ( 35 / W / Tacoma, WA )

    Well i wont really make much decission on our first date the man can a choice of anywhere.

  • aceofcakes ( 50 / W / Oak Lawn, IL )

    Movies, dinner, picnic, outdoors adventure