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  • Mermaid119 ( 52F / Pompano Beach, FL )


    Ride to beach. Walk and talk, drinks.

  • ATgmal ( 44M / Southborough, MA )


    Massage exchange and chatting would be great

  • yamaha20121000 ( 31M / Naples, FL )


    Just get out there and do what comes to mind.

  • KPB4ME ( 47F / Oxford, GA )


    Causal day in the Sun, riding and having fun getting there. I love all sports Baseball in Summer and NFL in the winter. Season Ticket Holder to the Falcons for years. I love concerts and all kinds of music.

  • admiralT ( 54F / Annandale, MN )


    How bout some great conversation over a great cup of coffee/latte'. Maybe meet for a cocktail and a couple games of pool.

  • showdown57 ( 57F / Toms River, NJ )


    Let's meet for a drink listen to some music get to know each other,see if the chemistry is there,you will know as soon as you walk in the door.

  • Karma89 ( 54F / Mesa, AZ )


    I think it is best to meet during the day for coffee or something like that to see if there is a connection. It can be very awkward if there isn't a connection to sit through a dinner or other activity that takes a while  Weiter>>

  • Afeliz ( 33F / Roswell, NM )


    Anytging not very picky but i dont drink nor smoke.

  • Hoonigan ( 40M / Erith, England - London )


    I try and live an impromptu lifestyle- basically just do it rather than plan it. But if pushed for an answer here - A ride to somewhere in the sun, a drink and maybe a bite to eat somewhere along the way . . Or a Theme p  Weiter>>

  • pjm1972 ( 41F / Akron, OH )


    I love to do out of the ordinary...everyone says coffee or lunch. I say let's go somewhere creative!!! If you can WOW me, I'm all yours!! Lol

  • freeride50 ( 52M / Saint-Adolphe-d'Howard, QC )


    My first date would be just enjoy what we both like and the rest will follow no stress less complications more enjoyment .

  • djallen1 ( 19M / Chicago, IL )


    not to go to expendive resteraunts and have fun

  • Chopperglenn ( 54M / Chino, CA )


    My favorite pass time is Harley rides through the canyons, mountains, country, beaches.

  • K_Free_Life ( 37M / Morrison, CO )


    Something or somewhere that you can visit. Any activity is nice to break the ice and get to know the other person a little better.

  • sweet_jane ( 52F / Aguanga, CA )


    Roll on out, maybe a couple beers at a place with music. I old you tightly and squeal with pleasure as you accelerate, you show ii ff, you.