First Date Ideas

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  • cougar682000 ( 38 / W / Henderson, NV )

    Somewhere neither person has been to

  • Wolfone ( 37 / M / Shawnee, OK )

    Some place quiet so we can get to know each other better

  • urbabe ( 55 / W / Glendale, AZ )

    I would love to go for a walk. The simple things in life are the greatest joys.

  • SeptChiHDGuy ( 48 / M / Oak Park, IL )

    Depends on what our mutual interests are. Could be a museum, a dive bar, a wine bar, Starbucks (or the like)!

  • Beachdreaming ( 46 / W / Marlborough, MA )

    Somewhere so we can chat and get to know one another, play some pool.

  • sunshinedazz ( 59 / W / Tuckerton, NJ )

    Ride to Nowhere is always nice, but I think just sitting by the water with a java and maybe picnic lunch....tunafish on and just listening to the sounds, talking while seeing if that spark is there

  • GATOR6969 ( 45 / M / Waynesboro, PA )

    Long ride on the bike and a nice dinner, with drinks and a movie.

  • initforfun ( 48 / W / Jefferson City, MO )

    Afternoon ride and then dinner at a cozy restaurant followed by a walk or swinging in the park!! OR hot air balloon ride landing on the beach to a candlelit dinner, OR picnic on the beach....I am very flexible and there...  read more>>

  • Esperanza ( 50 / M / Alexandria, VA )

    My first date would include meeting for the first time over a meal. Then taking a ride to place you want to show me...followed by allowing me to cook your favorite meal.

  • ArmouredAngel ( 55 / W / Altoona, PA )

    Fall is a great time for burgers and fries.. and a good time for a nice ride to get to them.

  • Spedding2000 ( 60 / W / Prestatyn, Wales - Flintshire )

    What can we come up with? Lunch, trip into Snowdonia, some chatting, super and maybe a beer?

  • micki107 ( 59 / W / Grandville, MI )

    our first date would be just getting to know each other, lots of talking, not that a bike ride wouldn't be out. setting around a camp fire.

  • CircusGypsy ( 55 / W / Olympia, WA )

    It would be so much better if I could just be broken down on the side of the road and things could happen naturally. I don't want you to feel pressured or under a microscope any more than I want to be made to feel that w...  read more>>

  • hdcountry ( 45 / M / Springfield, MO )

    Nice ride through the country. ..up fore ideas.

  • LittleLady52105 ( 51 / W / Waterford, NY )

    I would like to be suprised after a nice ride to come apon a great steak house in a out of the way place you never thought there would be one , then after dinner drinks on the deck as we watch the stars by the fire .