First Date Ideas

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  • Q_Ball_72 ( 48 / M / Mukwonago, WI )

    Poker run or charity run then play it by ear.

  • darkrider42 ( 53 / M / Saint Paul, MN )

    Meet for drinks or coffee or maybe go for a walk around any one of the metro lakes to talk and get to know one another. Of course a ride on the bike would also be nice. ;)

  • gator77 ( 38 / M / Forsyth, GA )

    Just meeting getting to know each other and get acquainted with each other

  • Ridethewind79 ( 36 / M / Frankston, TX )

    Dinner, a beer or 2, go for a ride down the coast, sit and shoot the shit while the sun goes down over the ocean

  • ny2tx2002 ( 44 / W / Temple, TX )

    Something where we can talk and get to know each other.

  • JL8088 ( 38 / M / Taunton, MA )

    Who knows, maybe a bike ride LOL

  • KayT37 ( 37 / W / Smyrna, TN )

    Something fun but where you can actually talk and get to know each other. Picnic in the park or maybe an arcade.....two of my favorite things!!!

  • Willow2015 ( 51 / W / Rockville Centre, NY )

    Coffee or a beer.......and a ride on a beautiful day.

  • HarleyQuinn616 ( 26 / W / Milford, MA )

    For once, let's just go without knowing. Let's ride until we find the perfect spot. Somewhere that speaks to both of us.

  • Hooterwood ( 64 / M / Mesa, AZ )

    I'd like to start off with a cup of coffee, a little conversation to feel each other out. If that goes well then I'd like to take a ride on my bike or our bikes to someplace mildly romantic and see where we go from there  more>>

  • Robhard ( 35 / M / Sweden )

    Trevlig kille som håller framhjulet högt söker trevlig tjej för träffar

  • StretchedR1 ( 40 / M / Thurmont, MD )

    First date would have to be go for a bike ride and grab a bite to eat and maybe a drink and get to know each other.

  • Vintagebren ( 38 / W / Camp Hill, PA )

    Of course going out for a ride. Otherwise you can decide, I love div bars, that is where you get to see the real people and hear the real stories.

  • Joyce73 ( 42 / W / Murfreesboro, TN )

    First dates are coffee or happy hour. Time is not limited because that puts stress on the date.

  • Scuba61 ( 61 / M / Austin, TX )

    A public location where you feel comfortable and at ease.