Random Nighttime Activities My favorite date ideas

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  • LovingLifeRN ( 39W / Dallas, TX )


    Casual dinner and drinks then whatever seems like fun. I'm not a fancy girl, more of a jeans and t-shirt girl. No cocktail dresses and fancy restaurants here. I'm also a spur of the moment kinda person.

  • Misfit136 ( 26M / Morinville, AB )


    Going for a ride on my bike ripping from bar to bat

  • Funfor4 ( 48C / Nashua, NH )


    Getting to know each other over a few drinks and see where it goes from there

  • EddieBob ( 49M / Louisville, KY )


    Picnic with a scenic view. Or a cup of joe at a local cafe

  • Southern3870 ( 52M / Greenville, MS )


    Day or night. Just to meet someone where they feel comfortable. Doesn't matter about the occasion.

  • RockerC11 ( 38M / Landenberg, PA )


    The first date would depend on the time of year and the weather of coarse. But I would say a light meal, then a movie or live entertaiment. That too I depending on the woman and other factors.

  • TexanTigress ( 39W / Orlando, FL )


    I am looking for more of a friendship than I am of dating. It is too soon for me to be getting serious with anybody at the moment. That is why I am looking for friends

  • hotchick322012 ( 34W / Eldon, MO )


    i get all dalled up and go for a night ride stop at local bar for either dinner or a drink and see where the night takes us

  • Stephan1098 ( 35M / Germany )


    Das beschlie├čen wir gemeinsam...

  • tiana328 ( 26W / Elmont, NY )


    I'm not to sure at the moment anything would be cool.

  • BubbaDwayne ( 50M / Strathroy, ON )


    Go for ride stop have dinner couple drinks get to know each other

  • lexxxy ( 48W / Melbourne, FL )


    Out for a meet & greet, see where it goes, then we take it from there!

  • rosaliec ( 52W / Brooklyn, NY )


    Somebody that brings me flowers nd candy , nd can sit down talk to me ............. And can talk to me about anything

  • ChrisZX10r ( 41M / Phoenix, AZ )


    Night ride to the lake. Sit, talk and just get to know each other.

  • Violator187 ( 29M / Melbourne, FL )


    whatever is fun and we can get to know one another