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Get it on or off.... Ride or not... That is the question....
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Why do you ride?


  • To be cool?
  • For convenience?
  • To save money?
  • To pick up?
  • Because it makes your heart beat faster?
  • To escape?


Everyone has a different "calling" for the ride.

I've ridden, on and off, most of my life. My first ride was on a dodgy farm fested 125 dirt bike at the age of seven. My delightful brothers taught me.... Forgetting instructions on how to stop/brake, just how to GO. Training ground....a farm lane with a barbed wire fence on the right and a 100ft drop on the left. Up ahead (& it appeared all too rapidly, was a barbed wire gate) As it happened, the brakes didn't work anyway, so after jerking forward in a classy hip hop routine, I took off like a bull at a gate. With cliff drop off to the left and barbed wire in front and to the right, my panicky brain clouded, making a snap decision.... Veer right to STOP. Barbed wire leaves permanent scars, but less tricky than sailing over a cliff....

A long and boring hiatus of not riding from the age of about 18 to 30ish. Found and bought an old postie 150 Yamaha that I rode for a few years, sliding in behind trucks to use their wind break to pull me along. Fun sometimes, but always risky. 150's do NOT appreciate being sucked into 100km an hr, Hahahaaaaa.


Then I scored an old Honda Custom 250. I became so attached to that little princess, I couldn't bear to part with it. It was cool but dodgy, but.... I could fix it myself. Replace the chain, adjust the brakes, etc... Cheap as chips to run and maintain and just a really cool little bike.

For years I talked myself out of upgrading because I loved that shitty little bike so much and knew I couldn't afford two (there was no way I could trade in that little Custom!) I still have it, waiting for time to turn it into a neat little bobber....

One day a friend finally talked me into test riding some Harley's.


Now I've NEVER been a Harley fan.... Always thought they were too posey..... And Harley riders were pretty much up themselves, lol.

So I rode a few... A low boy, a glide, and something else.... Then they showed me MY 883 Iron. 

Well, this modified 883 nudged me and beckoned me with it's all matt black and damped down meanness... I literally felt my heart skip a beat. I sat on it and felt like I'd come home. Fired up the motor and that heart of mind did an excited little war dance. Riding it was like finding my partner for life... I came back to the dealership and promised to be back in the morning with cash.

THAT BIKE WAS MINE..... No way anyone else was getting it.

I've been in love ever since....


I ride every day. My Iron is my only vehicle. I can ride home from work and take four hours to get home (15 mins away)... I go for a ride into the mountains, knowing that I'm on a time line and still arrive back late. 

The joy is in the riding. It's in the singularity of being in your own head space, in the joy of just loving the sound and the feel of your bike. I mostly ride alone, but I also ride regularly with friends.... Sometimes a couple, sometimes up to 8 of us.... But even in company, you still have your space, your bubble of joy.


That's why I ride.... For the sheer joy.


Why do you ride..... That's not a trick question.... If you ride because you think it makes you hot, that's ok.... Everyone has a reason, it's just a matter of being honest about why you ride...

Some people think I'm going through a midlife crisis.....frankly my dears, I don't give a damn.... I freaking LOVE it. Ride on....

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