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    Went riding the other day and as I was going down a side street in town came accross a wild turkey in the road thankfully it ran off the road and did try and fly my way.
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    i have had near misses with,,kangaroos, emus, cattle, kaolas wombats and other sort of wild feral animals, the only thing i,ve hit was a crow at 70 mph, lucky i was wearing my full face helmet cracked the visor ,,killed the crow but was all in a days touring
  • View author's info posted on Nov 11, 2006 08:41

    I've seen just about every critter that you possibly can while riding. Besides the occassional deer I think the peskiest ones that I run into (literally) are pheasants. These birds will see you coming, wait till your almost right on top of them, THEN start flying! I've lost two windshields to them so far. I just thank god I haven't hit any turkeys, YET.
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    I live right in the heart of the largest Oak forest left in the United States. You got to be on your game when you ride here. Yes there are deer here all the time but it?s the critters that you don?t look for that will get you. Like a big fat groundhog the size of a large beaver. Or the families of opossum, turkeys, and wild hogs that cross the road. We have 16 pairs of nesting bald eagles and many gold eagles that will swoop down on the lake to pluck a fish out of the water. One of the main roads runs across the dam of the lake. One of my friends got hit from a falling fish that an eagle dropped. One of the worst road hazards for bikes here is the box turtles that cross the road. Hit one of them and it?s like a ramp in the road.
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    Dogs, cats, horses, cows, rabbits, wolfs, coyotes, deer, birds, opossum, squirels, rats, mice, moose, turkey, birds, bees, bugs, insects.... ...
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    Bees but not lately.Slowed for a dog
    and the car behind me didnt! Dog gotaway Iended up with broke collerbone
    and roadrash.Four point buck hit me.I
    l lucked out did not go down! Buck
    landed in creek lickin his butt.He had
    burned it on my pipe.
  • View author's info posted on Jul 03, 2006 10:37

    well, i've had the bees in the shirt, had to lock it up for the deer, but nothing was like riding down the highway, having a bird just nick the top of the windshield, and crack me square on the top of the head, with no helmet on. No major damage, other than a slight headache the rest of the day.....good thing i had the windshield though.
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    A groundhog on the road while riding with friends, it was very alive and the first two bikes in line almost hit it, I happened to be second in line. The worse thing in Kentucky are the deer, I had one stand there right next to the road trying to decide whether to go across right in front of me, fortunately it decided to turn around. The deer are a real hazard, they're everywhere.
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    4 Owl's.. all in just a couple of months and all on the same stretch of dirt road at slow speeds .. non of them died.. So I guess it's possible it was the same owl with some kinda death wish four different times.. lol.

    A Javalina, (cost me a front rim, a nice jacket and a front tin), but he tasted pretty good, so I figure I won that one.

    1 dog (mid size mutt).

    Ohh and a baby goat.. That was pretty wierd, I was in downtown San Antonio Texas at the time.. What the hell was a goat doing in the middle of downtown?

    And no , I didn't eat the dog or the Goat... Actually I did think about eating the goat, but had no way to get it home.
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    The other day I almost caught a face full of pheasant. Had a sand piper glance off my lid on my way down to California last summer. Ran over a small snake a week ago that was sunning himself on the road. Had a coyote shoot between me and a guy on a Road King coming the opposite way one morning on my way into town, just missing both of us. Near misses with cats is a constant thing in the small town I live in. I just know its only a matter of time before I end up with a fur covered front jug.

    Thats about all I can think of for the moment. I know theirs more, just can't recall right now.
  • View author's info posted on May 03, 2006 19:31

    Softail sound like you need a hunter's permit when you ride. Could open your own Road Kill Cafe.
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