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    7 years ago my Mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. She went through the surgery, chemo and radiation and is alive and well today, a ripe old age of 79! The purpose of my post is that her Dr. stated flately to me that wearing the incorrect bra size for years was a contributing factor. I blew that off but recently have come across other opinions all stating the above fact. Below is the method for finding the correct size:

    While wearing a bra, wrap tape measure snugly around your rib cage directly under the bottom bra edge. Tape should be snug, not tight.

    Add 5 (if you measure 29 add 5 = 34.

    If you measure over 33, add 3. If the total adds to an odd number such as 37, go the next size up, 38.

    This is your bra number (32, 34, 36 etc).

    To get the cup size, measure over the fullest part of the bust. The difference between this measurement and the bra number is your cup size.

    If difference is: Your cup is:
    Up to 1/2" Nearly A cup
    1" A Cup
    1-1 1/2" Nearly B cup
    2" B cup
    2-2 1/2" Nearly c cup
    3" C cup
    4" D cup
    5" DD cup
    6" DDD cup

    Example: Your bra number is 36 and your bust measurement is 38. Subtract 36 from 38 and you get 2" difference. 2" = B cup.

    It may sound downright astounding but most of us are not wearing the correct size! I dunno if what Mom's Dr. told her was correct but this is such a horrible disease that any precautions taken can only benefit us!

    Thank you ladies for reading and remember...EXAM, EXAM AND THEN EXAM AGAIN!
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    While I do not doubt your wisdom here and that you have much more of a medical background than I do, I would ask; When the muscles knot and cause a restriction in blood circulation, do these not act as a dam for toxins and adhessions? Could these dams of these waste matters, not also be a cause of breast cancer?
    This is an honest question and please understand that there is no negativity attached, only one who seeks answers.
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    as a lady who is a 2 time survivor of breast cancer...I find the whle idea of the wrong bra size causing cancer silly...but that is my humble opinion...of course i always wore the right size bra though...

    to say the wrong size bra causes cancer would be akin to saying the wrong size shoes should cause cancer of the bog toe...or dare i say it the wrong size underwear should cause cancer of the delicates??

    I just dont get the thinking i guess it is a blood supply thing but honestly i have as an RN and a survivor met women who never wore a bra...and women that wore those minimizers and well they all had one thing in common....we all had cancer...

    other than that we had nothing in common other than we all had boobs...and they went bad as i say it..
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    I'd like to could figure in...wearing too tight or illfitting bras. But, I pretty much believe your genes & eating habits are the cause. If, your family has this timebomb in it, then you better take care. I remember reading in Redbook that fatty diet, dyeing/bleaching hair, fake nails/polish, smoking & drinking contribute, too. I prefer to stay au naturel. Think about all those chemicals on the surface of your skin, then migrating inward. Yikes?! I know there are woman who take of themselves, but their genes are subject to cancer. (Stepping off my soapbox) just take care, Ladies, we only get 1 chance at this thing...Michele
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    BigBear....thank you for being a caring and educated male!!! Hopefully other men will follow suit and try to learn enough to help save the women in their lives...mothers, sisters, daughters, wifes or lovers...

    My hat is off to you my Brother!!!!!!
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    This goes hand in hand with what you are saying about bra size. (Too tight cuts off blood circulation)
    When you check yourself, also look for any knots in pectoralis major (the muscle beneath the breast tissue.) These knots in the muscle, also restrict circulation and recent studies have led to the belief that they may cause breast cancer.
    IF/when you find these knots, apply a GENTLE pressure with your fingertip and generally, you'll feel them dissolve. If they return, repeat on a regular basis until the muscle stays relaxed in that area. If they do not relax, see your doctor.
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    Thanks for the info many women on this site will find it useful
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