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  • View author's info Author Posted on Oct 14, 2006 at 12:42 AM

    I've experienced a whole day on the site, and I have NEVER seen such pathetic programming.

    Chat is ~ridiculously~ clunky. Kevin, I don't care if y'all DO develop it in house: It needs to DIE, DIE, DIE. By the way, WTF kind of chat is chat without a common room, anyway? That's not CHAT, it's IM. And as much as I bitch about Yahell, I'd take it anyday over this.

    Secondly, someone in development at BK needs to apply target="_self" MUCH more liberally (it's been around since the mid 90's, people - it ain't new.) Not only does the #%$^tarded excuse for programming instantiate new windows, the damn "chat" windows pop up and claim focus regardless of what else I have running. If someone hits me by "chat" it supersedes all else and I end up typing in that window. ARGH.

    Before I voiced my complaints, I decided to review old threads and become a semi-informed user (not like the ones *I* support - lol). I didn't find any helpful answers - just a general pattern of non-response from the sys admins here. In fact, the responses/LACK of responses just raised my ire.

    Is this as typical - the "Four days free for you! (pat on the head, never answer the question)" canned response - as it appears?

    And I'm *still* wondering WTF that post was about "post your sexy pics!" from Kevin. How non-sequitor in the midst of all the unanswered complaints.

    Buy another server or five ... you CANNOT run a functional site on whatever the hell box you have that performs like a salvaged 486 POS. If it's not, your server guy screwed you.

    Oh - and if you have to warn me to close down the TWO chat windows I have open, you've got serious bug or leak issues.

    Fix the product - and if you can't do it yourself, HIRE someone. For the price of membership, there's NO excuse.

    Don't even get me started on your customer response skills.

    Oh, and hi, everyone. I really don't always rant. LOL.
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  • View author's info Posted on Oct 17, 2006 at 10:15 AM

    Believe me, darlin', you aren't alone with your view. As a team lead on a software support helpdesk myself, much of what this site's team does is repetitious baloney, as they offer over 20 sites that have the same layout.
    The customer support here is almost nil, and you can tell the cust sat rates by the number of folks who jump ship.
    Some things have improved, some have gotten worse. Still not a bad place to meet, but what's missing is definitely a distractor for a lot of us.

    Hugs, and safe journeys, young one.
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