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    I must say, it isn't easy. This Xmas my children were with Dad and I was home ill...just me and good ole Rudy (the dog). My parents are deceased and my only sister lives far I am used to the holidays or at least every other holiday alone...but I have made peace with it. You do have to create your own traditions and know in your heart that you are with the ones you love, if just in mind and soul. I wish you the best.
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    Rev, you take one day at a time and make new friends to share those special holidays with. I had many years of spending holidays without my parents and other relatives during thoes special day. Sometimes all I had was my two small sons and some very dear friends. My husband would be out on patrol in a submarine out under the Pacific Ocean. It's hard, especially when you come from a very close family as I did. Keeping in touch with your family any way you can will help. Just be thankful for your special someone who is there with you. Hope this helps.
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    Bob Hope spent many years away from his family as he gave his time during the holidays to cheer up the soldiers overseas.

    Those in the military serving now, and those of times passed also spent the holidays away from their homes. Some even doing battle on a day the Prince of Peace was born.

    I have a daughter I can never spend any more time with at any time because she has passed. Every holiday, every family birthday or gathering is hard. And there are others that have also lost loved ones, children, parents, brothers and sisters, close friends.

    All of this doesn't make it any easier for those who will be missing their family this holiday season. Maybe we could all pray for each other and ask that we share health and happiness for all during this season and throughout the new year. I will.
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    KinMonmouth write:
    When you love's in your heart and in your soul. However far away they may be in flesh they are always right there with you. Keep them in your thoughts in everything you do and you won't be alone. They're thinking of you too.

    You're so right, they may not be with you in person but they're always in your heart!
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    After 20 years in the military, and living now in Colorado while my family is all in Washington state, here's my advice: Concentrate on what you have, not what you don't. On who you're with, not who you're not. Remember that they feel similarly. Talk to them on the p hone, at least long enough to say Happy (holiday) and I love you.
    Some of the hardest things to do when you're away from family are to have bona fide vacations, because when you let the fact you're away from them run your life, you end up planning every trip around visiting them, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I think you understand my point.
    It never really gets easier when you stop and actually think about it, you just concentrate on the people you're with more.
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