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Winter Wonderland Ride...
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Veröffentlicht am Sun, Jan 26, 2014 09:29

I remember riding everyday to work. The many times I would just jump on my bike even in December and take off for a much needed ride and never look back. I couldn't relate to those up north talking of long and brutal wait till spring thaw...In fact there were those that thought I was crazy riding in single digit weather just because the roads weren't covered with ice or snow (which does happen in Texas). But the sun shining bright made everything bitter cold seem a little less frigid. So I rode.

And now here I am with my bike sitting in the garage hooked up to a tender...go figure. I ended up north 2 years ago, leaving everything behind to take care of my mother. Everything but my bike that is. And even thou the situation required my full attention, I did manage to get on "Faith" and ride for a moment of much needed clarity. Thank god the winter was mild that year. Although my mother forbid me to keep "Faith" in her garage, she didn't say a thing to me when she saw me leather up and walk over to my Aunt Jinny's place across the pond where the bike was given a space in her garage. And I rode.

I'm not saying it was the smartest thing I've done, riding in Michigan during the winter. But taking care of someone 24/7 was and always will be the most difficult lesson in my life to have learned, and what got me through it with my sanity intact was having "Faith".

It was always a battle between my mom and me when I got ready for a ride. She would find any reason or remark as to why I shouldn't go. And I couldn't blame her, for she had seen me go through lossing my other half while on a cross country ride several years earlier. It made NO sense to her why I would still want to continue to ride, especially in the winter. But for everytime I headed out, she became more tolerant. And after getting back from a VERY cold ride, watching me slipping and sliding across the icy pond returning from my Aunt's, mom told me to bring the bike over and put it in her garage. She said she'd rather hear me ride up than see me down on my ass crossing over the ice...(:

Mom came to even ask me how my ride was. She no longer fought with me when I bundled up for below zero bike trips. And she even began to ask me what made riding so special.

My favorite ride that winter was meeting up with some friends who came in town for the holiday's. Because the weather prediction was clear with no snow, I decided to ride up to the Pub. At one point my best friend from highschool walked in and announced that some "idiot" rode their motorcycle. I responded by saying that "idiot" was me. She said "I better get my butt on the bike before the snow covers it from view"! What snow? /:

When I walked outside it had become a winterwonderland with the biggest and heaviest snowfall coming down. After brushing off the seat and starting her up, I bucked up for the ride on the back roads home.

It was BEAUTIFUL. It was SERENE. The snow on the roads were untouched. It was like soaring through space, and all the stars were snowflake's. I had only the sound of the bike in the blackness with the headlight peering through what appeared as a milky way. Of all the rides, this ride is one of the ones I will always count on my hands. For when I pulled into the garage, my mom was standing there.     



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