First remembered ride... First biker experiences

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    I remember my brother bringing home my little helmet and talking my mom into letting me ride with him, he had an old  Harley with a hack, pretty much the COOLEST form of transportation when your like 4 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Well Hell, any age!

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    My first ride, I was about 5, just a wee lad. My dad had a beautiful Goldwing. Being that I wasn't quite big enough, I rode infront of my dad with my hands on his wrists. It felt like I was in control of the bike, so free. After that, I chased the feeling for years. Skateboarding down big hills, snowboarding, speedskating, even pilot lessons...but nothing compares to that first ride on my dad's Goldwing, except for the first ride on my own bike.

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    My first ride was, when I was about 8-9 years old.
    my uncle had just bought a used bike and came by to show my dad, I begged my uncle to give me a ride, he did, I knew in my bones I would own and ride myself, i did and love it.
    thanks uncle Lester.
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    Some may or may not consider a mini-bike (5hp) a bike, but it led me to where I am today. My brother (three years older) had gotten a mini-bike for Christmas when I was 6. I wanted to ride that thing so bad. Finally my mother told him to let me ride it. Being the smarty-pants that is was and still is, he agreed with my mom and also disconnected the brakes. I sailed across our yard and right into the fence. It was a short, painful ride, but the ride lasted long enough for me to know I would always enjoy sailing through life with the wind in my face combined with helmet head. I can't imagine not loving that feeling!

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    My first ride to was to work and being a women on the road alone can be slightly intimadating. The ride to work was awesome I felt so free, but the ride home, well here we go. I came up to this light that was on a fairly steep incline, the whole time I'm saying please stay green, please, please...LOL. No, such luck for me red and I'm first. So the light changes I tell myself I can do this I go and stall, start the bike stall again, and again until now the light is turning yellow and no one has gone because I'm first, so I roll on the throtle pop the clutch pull over to look at the bike and realized I was still in 3rd gear. HA! HA!

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