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    Bear,you sound like a really nice guy.Pity there arent many of you around,or if there are ?????Where the heck are they!!Havnt come across many over here in the uk!!!!
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    Thanks Falcon, SEEMS HARDER & harder to find the decent ones.

    I had one guy spend 6 months with his games, I started falling for him with his encouragement of his feelings of love. Then as I was falling for him, he informed me it was all a joke, a dare to see how long it would take him to get me to fall in L*VE with him. He was the first guy I had come close to falling in l*ve with since I was 17.

    Guys like that do make it very hard to trust those of ya that deserve trust.

    Dont take this as a sob story or a bash on men it isnt! Just an example of how far some guys will go & make it harder for the truely decent guys out there.

    I have some AWESOME buddies & they are my reminders that not all guys are A88holes.

    Thanks for the "emale" Bear, friends are always welcomed!! HUGZZZZ to the true blue guys that are still out there
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    On behalf of those of us that are gentlemen and do our best to live up to our word, I have to step in here, ladies. I want to personally thank all those idiots, twits, and jerks who knowingly screw over the ladies just to make themselves feel better. If you have no intention of living up to your word, then quit trying to play the get-over-itis game.
    Of course, if you wish to continue to be idiots, go ahead. The more of you who have bad reputations, the better for me.
    So live up to your word. Don't ask what you have no intention of delivering on. Treat them with the same respect you want from them.
    It's only your own honor that you are tarnishing.
    Ladies - never fear, and Illegitimi non Carborundum - Don't let the Bastards get you Down.
    Some of us really do care.
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    shh..don't tell them
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    Hi Lady V,

    They surely ARE having problems, perhaps opnes they don't even know about. Posts are turning up immediately, or have they finally changed their policy?
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    Well, got 400 miles out of him anyway...
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    BlondHarley????? Girl you got to stick with your first impressions, g/f. Nodey? Now that really is just down right cold!!!!!! Geez. Where are you meeting these guys???? Oh yeah, I forgot.... oops!
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    Talk about what's up with these men....I had one guy email me and ask me if I wanted to go riding across the country with him. When I repied yes...He responded by saying I was sooooooooo funny! about having my confidence shot down twice in less than two weeks!

    LOLOL..I mean..that was colddddd.
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    Nope Bear..ya never catch me talking dirty in here. Not my style.

    I save it for private!
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    Hmm..well I went thru and read this strand..I can't think of any woman, and some men, that has not fallen for the dating phonies time and time again...remember at the other place I told you about the guy that I dated and found out he was such a jerk..well went out with him some more cause he told me he was just having a bad time..nope, still just a jerk.
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    Date me Bear..Date me...LOL
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    Bear HUGZZZ, I dont know why anything ya said would cause anyone to not want to date ya. I know being up front & honest can be a double edged sword but, not standing up for what ya believe in will bite ya worse without the pride.

    Guilty of a few things ya said, I'm so use to always doing everything myself I have had to step back & let the guy open the door for me, I'm also use to always paying my own way so I have learned to conceed to leaving the tip, but I will offer to pay half on a tab..LOL
    I will make a nice home cooked dinner to match his night out....give & take on both sides.
    I'm a non drinking alcoholic & I dont mind someone having a drink or two but dont ask me to ride with ya after a couple & under a hour time frame, seen too many DUI's that went fatal. Drugs are a huge NO NO around me.

    If they cant handle what ya drive, sounds a lil too superficial. Like no one responds to me cause I cant post a a guy I know said he would ask me out, if I would wear make up. Accept me as I am or move on baby!! I'm not here for a beauty pagant just to meet new friends.

    Hang in Bear ya sound grounded to me.
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    I think the bk site is having some major issues today. Im's are also disappearing before you can answer them. Everything is getting glomped up. OUCH!
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    Bear, I think that your wants and desires are justified. Don't see why that would scare anyone off.

    What do I want? Someone who takes me for what I am, be it good or bad, and doesn't feel the need to change me. Someone who doesn't feel the need to correct me every time I make a mistake, because we all do. Someone who respects me, life, their fellow man and doesn't feel the need to put me or others down. Someone who understands my independent streak and doesn't feel threatened by it. Someone who compliments my life.... not complicates it. And, most of all, someone who is there when they say they will be and doesn't feel the need to play silly games. I out grew the need to play games once I passed my teens.... and, lastly, of course, no drugs! It seems that we all are looking for pretty much the same things.... but, it sure ain't an easy thing to find now is it?
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    you know?....i still haven't got those words from ones i'm look'n for, ya know who you are, come on....don't be chicken i aint gonna hunt you down..HA-HA-HA (say that deep and evil...hehe)

    NOTE: redemption will set you free.........hahhaaahhaa,,,,ohmyyyy,,,,,,i must be bored here at work, i cant even get into this....(((((sigh)))))you can just scratch all this crap, i don't even like think'n about it. i'm done....peace
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    not bad

    i want a man who doesn't tell me i shouldn't feel the way i do--even if irrational--they are my feelings and by telling me i should or shouldn't feel that way invalidates my feelings--and likewise to the male

    i want a man who doesn't think he has to tell me what i should or shouldn't do in my home(different if sharing a home--disscussion then)--feel free to give me advise--i will weigh it--but don't get pi$$ed off if i don't use some all all of it

    and yes lateness is disrespectfull--call if running late--we all have cell fones today--and we all understand traffic and life situations--and if it happens consitantly--forget it--it isn't fashionable

    appreciation goes both ways--if i take the time to primp and/or dress extra sexual for the special man in my life--let me know you like it(i've had the opposite happen)

    and yes no addictions to drugs or alcohol

    i do understand your male/female statement--but i believe we must be whole in self and that we complement each other--and it is the ultimate when we can merge as one yet remain seperate

    whatever you drive is your choice

    saying thank you and if there i love you is an important part of feeling wanted and appreciated in a LTR--i never talk to my kids without telling them i love them--if my daughter (lives with me) does something that she was/or wasn't asked to do thank you is always spoken and vice versa

    it is hell feeling unwanted--unloved and taken for granted

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    SGirl, I'm starting to think it is ME.

    Kat, do ya think courting us like our grandfathers did with our grandmas & had life long relationships would work today??

    I've met guys & they say they want an up front honest & indepenant gal, once they get one of us they seem to do everything to change what they first said they were attracted to in us.

    OK GUYS.....What do ya really want in a gal????

    I dont mean S*X either, we all know thats the first thing most (NOT ALL) guys want & YAH YAH many gals are the same way also. There is more to life than that aint there?? or am I delusional (SP?)

    I take it S*X isnt an acceptable word for BK either, LMAO
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    i agree with everything here.
    happened to me. started dating the man who sprays my house...known him for over 3yrs. he was available and so was I. believe didnt get anywhere...we had a wonderful weekend...talked a few times during the week...and then...buzzzz no response...(what when wrong?) we where hitting it off. I never judged that this would be "the one" but, why just end response..whatever...the last few men i have dated (very poor) and I know it isnt me...maybe I am too strong-willed, confident. I have my own and ride my own...
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    lady's were losin the duece ...he has an opinion and being cencored big time here... lets have a say and save the deuce...he can be crude at times but think about it let us make are own choses ....not ready for big brother
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