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    There was a time I would do anything to get a buzz, I mean anything... Thinking back, it's a good thing I was never anywhere I had to drive to get back home. My Club does alot of charity runs. But it seems like such a waiste when one of the stops is at a bar. The group I ride with is mainly young and the rule is no drugs or booze. I'm more than happy with that. Outside of a beer or a glass of wine w/dinner I say I don't drink. Maybee in a year I have about 10 drinks. I could never drink when out with one of my bikes, surely never on the Ninja. So I guess, I could say I've been sober for about 28 yrs.
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    Glad to see more of us in the life that find it more memorable sober. LOL or at least I can now claim to remember, a lil slippage due to age, or braincells gone.

    One good point to consider, we attract some young folks before they sometimes visit places some of us have or lose to the damned disease completly. Buried a few "kids" just recently who had to try again. I am thinking of a local group that is sober, and gets young folks into hobbies like Bikes or car building and other healthy choices.

    IF anyone would like to be a aprt of making a sober pup club, Pidgeons, babies, newcomers< I and a few friends in Seattle area are very ready. May even try to build a real shop/club house/ sober club. It could be a model for helpin young and old folks alike, Hobbies added to sober freinds and the programs give balance. I am betting there could be some $$ avilable to get started. I will commit to being avialable, in any way I can.

    Started out of the woods in '69, and find every day clean and sober a blessing, now to add the woman who wants to share the adventure.

    Peace, and if anyone needs a friend to talk things over with, I am available 24/7/365. Drop me an email, I will be happy to send my number.Got to pass it on to keep it!

    You never have to take another drug or drink again, if you choose.

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    What's your e, Honey?
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    Augerdawg, checked it out. Thanks for the link.
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    04heritagemaninsj write:
    Hey Coot, glad to see this topic up here. I have a little over 2 yrs. I got a 2004 Heritage last year, gifts of sobriety... LOVE IT!!!
    Hope to see some fellowship'in goin on in Laconia next week... I'll be there.

    This is so amazing! I have 5 years clean and I am so grateful today for all the people in my life. My friends are only recovering addicts today. I tried to stay in touch with ol'friends and it is not a suggestion of N.A. I follow the program to the best of my ability today and I stay teachable. I try to always have an open mind all the time...... God Bless the miracles on this site of whom had shared here. We are allllll miracles just for today! *kisses* Lady Rose
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    There are 8 or ten of from the Open Arms area of N.A. here in the Hudson Valley riding there.Clean time varies from under a month to over 10 years. Me I have 4 and a half years!
    Be well !
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    CLAP CLAP CLAPPING FOR ALL OF YOU!!! WOOOHHOOOO. (yeah I know I was yelling) Jumping up and down too...That is so good ya'll...

    I gave up two days of riding b/c I had company and we were drinkin/smokin...I wouldn't do it in car ..won't do it on a bike fer shur...

    And Ragosa..yes, honey, cigarettes are one tough addiction to beat..but you are gettin 'er done babe.
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    I am also riding clean these days...did a lot of riding F%^$ed up for a lot of years. Got 4+ years clean now and just got up on a nice scooter...I cant belive how great it is to ride clean , I am ecsatic!
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    I ride sober too...clean and sober 12 years - what a gift to be FREE
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    coot write:
    Yes, I have also have been clean and sober for 16years. I can't even imagine riding in the state I was in before getting sober.

    Hmmm they still won't give me a license in the state I was in when I got sober!!!
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    Thank you ever so for keeping us all safe Eye and Coot.
    I'm kickin my heels today... Weather here in Seattle is 76 and just started a six week......... or a forever........ Medical leave.
    And still not smoking!!!! It's three months now and harder then anything I have given up before.....
    So here is to all out there who live one day at a time,ride safe and sober, are trying to kick any habit, and keep us safe to love and ride yet another day!!!!
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    Good man Bro!
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    I ALWAYS ride sober. I do party when I get the chance, but I will never ride, drive, use power tools, or shoot weapons while anything other then completely sober.
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    Rock on Coot!
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