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    anyone that has anything negative to say about anyone that rides(no matter what kind) is to damn stupid in my opinion. ive worked on h-d's for 10 years and dont care what people ride. 2 wheels is 2 wheels. enough @@@@@ said
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    I sit and laugh at the Harley is the only ride people. They must be the ones that buy all the vanilla ice cream in the store.
    If we all rode Harleys what would they bitch about then?
    I laugh at these Harley riders that say Harley rules and then spend the night disecting my bike to get new ideas. Wherever I pull up my bike gets noticed and that was before the new chrome and paint.
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    HarleyAngelHeart: Sorry, but I only have the seat that God gave me. I could work out at the gym a little more, and I know I need to, but in the end, my seat is always going to be the seat that I......

    Oh wait, you meant the seat on my BIKE? Okay, yeah Babe, gimme a few minutes and I'll change it. Let's ride.
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    Great response from all of you,Love to hear people's views on subjects and EYE I could sit and listen to you talk for hours, like the detail you go into.
    Some things are special in life, and riding is special to me,being my own person and enjoying life on 2 wheels.
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    Eye m..I experienced the "HD attitude" in a biker bar here in Brandon just Friday sister told a friend of hers...I'm new over here...that I was a rider...he asked me what I had and when I told him an Intruder 800 he smirked and told me when I got a real bike to give him a call..needless to say, it was he and not I that walked away with his tail tucked! I AM A BIKER!!! I ride..not an HD...but dammit! I ride! I love the wind and catch as much as time allows...sorry..Angel gets a bit pissed off over the better than thou art attitude..about anything! :) Ride safely all!
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    Lady V:
    You are so right, they really do need to get some new smileys maybe they could hook up with smiley central or at least be a bit more creative~ then again look who we are talking about..LOL
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    EYE~ Sorry no cast iron ass here so I guess you need to change your seat if you want me to climb on and ride~
    Choice is yours
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    like this forum
  • View author's info Posted on Feb 05, 2005 at 08:33 PM

    Eye_M, I agree with Nodey, you said it all and how right you are about all of those things. But I am a woman... and an aquarian woman at that, so you know I just have to put my two cents in here.
    Those of us who ride have a deep respect for our fellow Brothers and Sisters. Those of us that ride grieve for our fallen commadres. Those of us that ride have this unmistakable, slightly wild, crazy, or as I say "little bit of fire" side within us. Those of us that ride love to feel the rush while doing 80+ MPH. Those of us that ride have a tendency to live on the edge at times... and those of us that ride have this love for a sense of freedom. The list goes on and on. It does NOT make us better people, just very unique individuals with different things that make us tick.

    Ride safe and ride free.

    And Please BK give us some new smileys.
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    Columbo: When I read your post this morning it had me laughing so hard my ribs hurt. Dude, you made my morning, you really did.
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    HarleyAngelHeart: If we're going to ride all day I'll have to take off the LePera and put the stock seat back on. Unless you have a cast iron ass, that is.
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    Truthfullone: I didn't know that's what you were adressing but that's kinda what I thought it was, and as I said, I agree, and I liked your point. My thoughts then kinda ran along the lines that I have seen a lot of riders that look down on others because they don't ride. Or even look down on other riders because of what kind of bike they ride, or don't ride. I've even seen some chest puffing and smirks because "my-harley-has-more-chrome/bigger engine/badder paint-then-yours-does." Screw that, you know? I've made the mistake of looking down on people that, had I taken the time to realy know and understand them, I should have been looking up to.

    So anyway, that's the direction my skewed thoughts shot off in.
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    Wow Mr Eye, I do believe you've said it all. Gives us all something to think about.
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    I agree with you on all of what you said Eye, Everyone is different in their own way,I am stating how some people put riders down , when they have no idea of the feeling that it brings to us,
    There is alot that we all might never feel, or know what it is to go through it.
    Ride safe Eye
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    Eye_m_no_angel: I have went into that burning building and pulled people out, I have run on the back of an ambulance and have brought that elderly woman back to breathing again, I have not only looked in to my daughters' eyes and saw the purity that only a child has but I got to watch my granddaughter and my daughter experience that look between them. I have held my fathers hand while he died in the hospital 16 months ago.

    Being my age and already have experienced more then some will in their lifetime, I can say this and only this~
    Each and every time I put that suit and tank on to go into that fire was a rush. Each time the alarm went off and I climbed in the back of that ambulance to try and help someone who was either hurt or dying was an different kind of rush. Seeing the world thru my daughters eyes and now watching her do the same with her daughter is a filling of completeness. Watching my father die knowing there wasn't a Damn thing I could with all my medical training was the hardest thing in my life I have ever been thru. Rush? Nope not on that one.

    BUT....... get me on a harley and ride all day, that is a Rush of a whole other kind. the only other feeling that comes close to that type of enjoyment is a few days in the arms of a man that I just can't get enough of.
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    I agree with you! Those that have never ridden cannot know the emotions and experiences of those that do ride. But in case we think we are special or somehow above anyone else consider this: If you've never blasted out the door of a C-130 from 700 feet at night in the middle of a thunderstorm, if you've never been first in the door on a search warrant and had a desperate suspect fire a round at you, if you've never held the hand of a friend as he died, if you've never run into a building that was on fire and falling about your ears to try to save a life that you know is not worth saving...if you've never known what it is like to write something, or sing something, or create something which is beautifull, if you've never known the joy to be found in a child's eyes, if you've never written a computer program, or taken pride in a flower that you planted, or paid your bills ahead of time, if you've never....

    Nope, those that do not ride don't know what it's like for those of us that do, and I think they are poorer for that lack. But there's a lot of things that all of us will never know what it's like to do as well, and maybe we are poorer for that lack. I don't think riding makes us any different from anyone else in any significant way, but it does give us a common ground, as you said.
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