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    Do you need to exercise to ride a bike?

    I think a good exercise routine can actually help you be more alert on the road and if something should happen help you recover.
    Picking your bike up. It isn't done with large arms but with your quads in your legs.
    Squats are a good way to improve the strength in your quads at minimum. Stronger legs give you more control over your bike and a stronger stance at rest.

    I think the abdomen is another muscle group that really can offer some positive benefits. If you have a strong abdomen you take a lot of stress off your back by balancing the strength between the front and back muscle groups.
    In an emergency situation your abdomen muscles contribute a great deal to your control both on and off the bike. I burned through a wallet once sitting up in a skid aided by the muscles in my stomach.

    A full exercise routine is good for the stamina, strength and enhanced alertness it provides a rider on the road.

    What are your thoughts? Is the 12oz curl enough?
    Or what do you do physically to perpare yourself for the physical and mental challenges of riding?

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    Softail1999 write:
    WOW.. Springersoul.. Lots of Info for me to absorb, but much does come to mind for me also.

    It is uncanny how you were able to avoid the cager or know about it ahead of time.. Had that happen many times for me also.. Like you can see it happen b4 it does, or sense their actions.. Problem is They just dont see you!!!.. or look over/past you...
    Too me, Riding should be smooth sailing and knowing ahead of time where you want to be at a certain distance down the road.. Ya know like if a cager is going to turn left in front of you you and there is room on the right, you should have the sense to move past em on the right, without stopping.. Am I wrong? Dont know.. but its a pet peeve of mine..
    On the meds.. I agree if it says dont operate machinery--dont ride.. I scared the hell out of myself a few years back on that.. Sooo bad, I wouldnt lead for many months after it..

    Ive got to comment on the Bar thing also... Just cant get it out of my mind... Especially with more women riders now a days.. A few Times Ive taken a Hacksaw to cut them down, or switched them out to better accomodate the rider... Some are soo fricken wide its like doing a spread eagle on em... LOL....


    I think my beach bars are pretty close to Spread Eagle, but I like spreading my wings..(oh boy I can read it all ready)

    Personally, I think the wider focus is something a rider needs to develop. It is a little like the "Force". We are taught through education and skills training to always focus, focus concentrate on a specific thing, but an awareness exist that is just as powerful but wider in scope.
    A laser is great for cutting through things but you really need a flashlight to walk in the dark.

    Hope your doing well.
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    I think that to ride a bike is not a good thing to do much exercice for muscles. because it stiff your body!

    The best thing is jogging and swim!
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    Softail1999 write:

    ss.. Physically I find that the the lower your bike is to the assfault the more strenth is needed.. Just because your knees are bent with the lowered bike.. It seems easier to handle the bike with your knees straight and with wider bars.. tooo mee.. I think thats one reason the MFG's have been putting the wider bars on bikes.. For me I try to keep in shape by yard chores.. LOL...

    Mental challenges are an entirely different thing.. I think its either your good at it or not.. Kind of like its a natural to you.. Some have it and some dont... For me I have it and others feel the same way on this... The reason some are the leaders and others arent.. I think its Instinct or something your born with.. Its like being mechanically inclined or not.. or Book smart or not.. Your either comfortable in the lead or not.. I may be takeing this wrong but thats how I see it.. I have experienced riders that I just know Should not be rideing because of their lack of Mental abilities-skills.. or lack of.. It takes planning and forsite to ride.. Knowing the reactions of others your leading and their reactions to your moves.. Also knowing the potential dangers of the road and cagers on them.. Wish it were easy but its not..
    Just my insite here.....
    Peace to you and ride safe...


    You are right about the lowered bike. The center of gravity/mass drops and in the event of picking up your bike the fulcrum point changes. Bar width also affects the leverage length from center. I have two bikes one with a beach bar and the other with a drag style bar and there is a difference.
    I have been thinking of doing some mathematics and physics on bike mass and picking it up. You have engaged my thinking lets hope a sparky can handle physics.

    As for mental alterness, I was talking with Dane once about a rider who went down last year and he was medically not in a condition to ride. Diabetic and poor blood sugar lower your alterness and ability to process information combining that with alcohol is like writing yourself a suicide note when you saddle a bike. If your on medication that says stay away from machinery that includes motorcycles.
    To me riding takes Jedi like skills (if you can handle the humor) being able to see the future instants before it happens. Just today I am riding down a little nothing 30mph street with cars bunched up on the right turning right. As I come closer to the intersection I get this intuitive feeling that the cars are going to part to let some one out into my lane of traffic flowing through. I begin to hone in on the feeling and prepare when a little chevy truck darts out between two cars right in front of me. I couldn't see him and can't tell your rationally how I knew it was going to happen, but it is a developed extension of conciousness from a great deal of riding experience. I stopped a foot before his left front fender and stared him down with no incident.
    I ride all the time not just on weekends or when the weather is nice and when I see these good weather weekend riders hit the road thinking they know everything I stay away. Just the fear alone they ride with makes them more dangerous because one never knows what center they will be acting out of. You can read it in their body language on the bike.
    Good diet is important to mental condition along with the cardiovascular that keeps that blood flowing to the brain.
    Despite myths red bull or caffeine don't necessarily make you alert and can hamper your decision making skills. Carbs make you sluggish but if eaten at night give you good energy first thing in the morning. Protein is good for breakfast and lunch to keep you fueled and running.
    I am not a doc just a common man who knows what works for my metabolism and self. Each should experiment and learn their own rythms and needs.

    Also know when you are tired. Learn to read changes in your mental awareness and your bodies responsiveness.
    Don't try and be macho. If you are tired just stop. If the group your riding with wants to give you sh1t then let em.
    It is better you live a long life and ride a long time than you try to make one long ride to impress friends and put the rest of your life in jeapordy.

    Ok enough preachy from me. I used a whole bag or two of air on that one.
    Thank you for your dialogue Softail. Great input and conversation.

    You ride safe as well and go for that million plus mark before dark.
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    jadeeyes write:
    Ok OK On a more Serious Note ! Yes, I happen to agree being in shape and working out at least 3x's a week will give you the stamina (opps I mean) the want to ride his bike (ahhh-that didn't cum out right)The Endurance to go longer(I mean -Ride further!) without feeling tired therefore you can perform (I mean ride !)

    Jade I am certain with Bear as your personal trainer you work out more than 3x's a week.
    Stamina is everything. Some think it is just being able to move 500lbs once but I think it is being able to hold a hundred pounds and do many repititions that is more important. It is all about flexibility and keeping your cadence up but varying the routine to use different muscle groups. Keeping your cardio in great shape through running or bicycling helps your heart adapt to larger demands in blood flow so you can keep your head on when when the heat is on.
    Being a muscular and fit 155lbs is imporant when I ride a 600lb plus machine and a combination of strength and endurance is important when riding 100lb plus body.
    Ride it tell its dry but keep it lubricated till you cry.

    Your insight on exercising is stimulating. I hope it will help others consider the many benefits of staying fit.
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    Now we have gone in to another arena.

    Sbraz..loving your bike like a woman
    Jade..riding something else...

    Hmm explains why I enjoy my long rides when getting lost with my girls. Although I am a bad boy because I split the mileage between two just to keep from wearing one of them out early. Plenty of TLC and proper maintenance though keeps them primed for another ride.
    Spring is almost here!

    Staying in shape is essential for a long haul.
    Cardio, Strength, Endurance....
    Paradise by the speedometer light riding into twilight.
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    For the psychology...I mean the state for all the little travels...
    Mental Exercices no, but a little bit of meditation is a good thing...
    For exemple...when I'm near the bike...I push the start button. This is the sequence...
    I close all the jacket zip, I wear the helmet, i close it...I wear my pair of professional glove and I get on the bike...I give tree or four sweet accellerations and pull the transmission clutch few times...After this, I wear my glasses, and GO!
    In these moments, when I'm wearing these things, I think to my bike...HER engine, HER soul...

    What can I say, I LOVE HER LIKE A WOMAN!
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    I never considered stretching before a motorcycle ride though I often do it before cycling.
    I tend to bicycle instead of jog, just easier on the knees.
    Good suggestion

    Glad I am not alone in taking my riding fitness seriously.

    You mentioned psychology--do you mean the state or condition of ones mind before riding and mental exercises or meditation to prepare?

    Safe riding Sbraz!
  • View author's info posted on Feb 22, 2006 04:13

    I'm with you...!
    The exercise can help the particoular in the emergency steer...and if you ride very fast is essential!!!
    Jogging and a good straching for the muscle is a regoular thing that people haev to do...but the most biker are very lazy when you speak abuot this! Eat is more easy! ahhahahaha

    The psychology is a different thing!
    Personally, help me before the ride, do the same thing and procedures of dress. Yeah, in most of you can provoke hilarity...but for me is essential!
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