how truthful are the online profiles Relationship

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    Dennis, i am so sorry about your wife, and so touched by your love for her, wish more guys had hearts like yours, and you will find someone, you still have a lot of love to give, and she will be one lucky lady, good luck dennis.....
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    No just some people are just morons and think it's cool (or an ego boost) to string people on. The sad thing is they may have been with "The One" and never went past what they thought was needed. And I know it's not just guys that do it either.

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    ""Not really looking for a relationship that I'm aware of.... just someone to ride from time to time....""

    Straight enough for ya.........
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    Hello all i
    m having a hard time not sure why .I was married for 35yrs.My Wife and i new each other for well she was 13 and i was almost 16 we married she was 18 i was21 and were we had good and bad times but we were as one.she was my one and only .i lost her oct 06,2008 to stage 4 lung cancer.she was 51.And now times have changed.but now she is gone i see things i never see before.well like keeping our house in order ,our daughters,a job,and taking care of me.oh and still find time to help friends.and now i
    m trying to care for the house,and all the thing she did.i must sayit is hard.
    And isee what all women do in a day in the family home with out help i
    m no match 4 them. and isee it even harder to find a women now.i
    m no teen anymore.
    what i am saying is my dear wife is gone but she opened my eyes
    i hope to one day make anyother women happy and me also. i do miss that warm hug at times.
    later Dennis

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    I wish you happiness on your journey of self discovery and I'm glad you have made the decision not to hurt anyone else.
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    hi y'all It all depends what your looking for..... my boyfriend died July 22, 2009 from a motorcycle accident and we had 10 yrs together..... I know he always wanted me to be happy and go on with life, but is is hard without him... we also rode horses and did horse shows so no matter what I do it is without him now; but I am back in here only to talk and ride is a guy wants to ride and enjoy company..... companionship or just friends, but if your looking for a good relationship look for someone that is into what your into straight off.. communication is the main thing to let all on here or other sites what your into and looking for....sometimes friendships grow into something more.... just my view from dating on here.
    good luck y'all

    ride safe
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    Well, I for one hope my profile is sincere and honest. I'm a man and want a serious relationship! I don't know why there are so many posts here saying men don't want this??? I'm 38, all the adventure and fun I've had would of been soooooooo much better with a "soulmate." ¿ For me the activities are secondary the company is the primary reason I'm on this site and even looking for that someone special...I'd like to hear why many women have posted they don't think these "men" exisit? I'm here, check out my profile...tell me why you think it sounds false or phony and I'll be quick to correct it.



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    i find that the ones i have met live to far from me. the friends in my area is who i hang with. no one wants someone so far. so that is what i am riding into. heads up girls, bARBIE
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    Is it possible that a man could be less than happy in his current situation and perhaps hoping to find a little happiness? Failing that, perhaps just a few moments of a connection that he may not have felt in quite some time?

    Let me start by saying this; I?ve been on this site now for quite awhile. I have yet to contact anyone in any shape or form; yet I have been tempted many times. I have read with interest several profiles and thought about how much better they sounded than my current situation. I just have not been able to bring myself to go that last step. So maybe I?m one of those men you all speak of; the player on the hunt; I don?t know. I know I?m not here looking to work on my self esteem or to add to my number of conquests. At first I came here thinking that I might find a friend to ride with, as now I ride alone or in large groups but don?t really have anyone that I can share the experience with. So a friend with the same passion for riding would be great. Then reading some of the profiles I thought; what if it was even better than that; what if I found someone who not only shared my passion for riding but also found me more than a friend? Is it wrong to hope for such things; I suppose so; it must be; right? Yet I do hope such things even though I haven?t acted on it. Yet I can see how easy can be to fall into that trap and let it get away from you. Maybe even becoming someone you?re not. All said and done; it is much easier to judge than it is to live.

    So there it is; one day I may finally act upon my feelings and do the unthinkable. I don?t think it will suddenly make me a bad person; but it may bring me a little happiness. The one commitment I have to all this though is that it will NOT bring anyone else unhappiness.
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    we just have to be adults...17 mos. in a relationship & she leaves with someone out of the she is no happier and less secure, but for me it was a blessing-I met a great person and I am having a great time who knows where it will go but it is a ride I am willing to take! maybe they think I have a lot of money cause I have a newer Harley and am willing to show them a good time, but that is not the priorties now are living life on the edge-gotta have time on my bikes, my woman will feel the same as that or it won't work, and I like my beer yet the famous line is you cared more about your Harleys & beer than you did me! but you didn't tell me what I did wrong-I was responsible while we were on the bike(I have tight limits on that now). so all I feel is we have to take chances in relationships-there's always the show "Cheaters". and I also think there is a spot on this site that you can report your experience with someone on this site. good luck everyone,kirk
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    Like most things on the internet, one can have their very own fantasy life, if one wants to be shallow. That, however, is what they will end up with. I, for one, would rather meet a real person, warts and all, than a fantasy. Fantasies do not keep one warm, or warm the soul. Doesn't the whole thing start with just what bike they ride. The whole biker image falls apart without the real person. What a person rides, or if they ride, does not fill any real criteria in life, other than one hobby or lifestyle choice. One thing to keep in mind, is maybe some people try to write the type of profile they THINK people will want to see. Too scared to be seen for who they really are. So much for my Sociology classes. :-)
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    I was a member about a year ago and never had much luck meeting anyone. I just signed up again and I don't get many emails or winks. I also don't know what they are looking for? I wish there was a place on this site that listed guys that are two-timing their significant others so we are all aware of who they are.

    But, we can't give up. We have to stick together and get through this.
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    I know I've seen at least 3 profiles of guys I recognize on here from my area... active recently within the last mth [I know alot of people and deal with the public alot singing in the live music scene ] I know for a fact they are in a relationship with women currently...2 of them with a livein....It makes me very skeptical, and I just joined......and the blatantness of these players always make me and women..if your still looking you shouldn't be in a relationship with the person your with..the grass always seems greener to some but it's almost always not, some have to learn that the hard way..Sad that the innocent get hurt in the process..
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    You know, you're right.. what are they really looking for??? I actually saw a guy here from NJ, listed as active I may say, who just got married a couple of months ago... What's with that??? Still searching for The One??? or does the excitement of having women want him and looking to meet up with him get him off??? and... who will tell the New Lil' Woman he's still looking???
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    You are so right, I am finding the same
    thing. No mater how truthful you are and upfront, it seems that everyone is here for one thing. To see how they can
    outsmart you. Or am I just falling for
    the wrong ones.(one)
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