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    All performance projects should be planned out for "The End Result". Purchase, Assemble, and prepair your project for the next logical step ie; not re-mapping your bike before you do all the preliminary mechanical work such as Cams, Intake, Exhaust, and and any other non-stock parts included in your project.
    Always consider what is #1 Practical, #2 Compatible, #3 Cost Effective, #4 Finally... What you are really trying to accomplish. Remember you get what you pay for when it comes to Engine Components and After Market ECMs.

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    also just because it has a fancey name or high price don't mean it will work on/with the parts you put into your engine. ask real mechanics, research all info on parts - e.i. cam - don't just look at the lift, openning/closing timing, duration, overlap, ramp speed, ect.
    remember - keep it simple stupid, and it ant what's between the GEARS, but what's between the EARS
    i've worked on H-D's since 1976, i use products that i get the most bang for the buck, if it does what i wanted i'll stick with that product.
    i,ve seen people/shops build powerplants with the most expensive, famous name attached,great advertisments and it want run/perform worth a shit, then i build one for a third of the cost and it'll smoke the high-dollor engine , be dependable, with great longevity.
    so be carefull, do research, ask experts, know what you want out of your engine and don't let some know-it-all, internet surfing, magizine article reading idiot give you advise on something they have no "real world" knowledge/experience you into wasting your hard earned cash, engine proformance, embarresment,and reputation

    Michael A. Spot Weems
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