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    I've never been very good at the live chat, I can't keep up with this fancy, young person's technology and typing, but here in Australia I have made contact with and met some very good people. Sometimes I don't receive a reply from an introductory email (gotta change that profile pic), and sometimes the conversation dries up before it goes anywhere, but sometimes it leads to a meeting and a ride with a lovely lady, and a friendship. I had an excellent Christmas break on a ride along the southern coast of Australia with a wonderfully witty and knowlegeable pillion, just fantastic!
    I don't think the site is a scam, but it can be used by scammers; I am suspicious of emails from beautiful young girls (who would obviously have no trouble dating handsome young men if their pics are to be believed) contacting me, a late middleaged man, when their profiles declare that they are looking for a soulmate, love family life and want to start having children! It's enough to make me run a mile, if I still could.
    Nevertheless, I do try to answer winks and emails, and I don't think the cost of a gold membership is excessive if it allows me to be proactive in introducing myself to ladies whose profiles are interesting. There are many uncompleted profiles, and many members who do not log in regularly despite the alerts sent out by the site, but I manage to have some interesting and humourous interactions.
    My advice is to take on a minimum gold membership and send out some emails, and no, I don't have shares in the site, but you might be pleasantly surprised.

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    This site is totally worthless to standard members!!!  So you can wink at someone, big deal.  Unless they or you are gold, no reply can be made!  While I don't mind paying for membership, what screening is done to help prevent scammers & frauds from using the site??  In my experience, the numbers of these types of people FAR exceeds the number of real people using the site for the purposes intended!!!!!  I am seriously considering canceling my membership here because it is so restricted!!!  It's like in a candy can look, but you cant touch!!!!!
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    true dat!
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    ditto it's like a half a chance
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    I agree, 10 trial maybe...
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