Motorcycle Album of CrisPirate (11)
    This is after I put new plastics on it... And was proud.
    Hit a Chevy, head on at 60... Turned wrong way on a one way. Turns out, Chevys are a little stronger
    New frame and engine swap! This bike won\'t defeat me!!
    After reassembly and plastics.. Looks like a stunt beast.
    Just some more green
    At one time.. I HAD 3 good looking bikes... :(
    After new paint & plastics & accessories
    Traded the $600 600 for this 18ft boat!
    My Hyosung.(left) Bought it in Key West on a whim, to teach people on. Not bad looking for a 250
    My first bike. Bought it for $1800, painted it, rode it for two years, sold it for $3900! Lol
    Bought this CL 600 for $600  (middle)