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Xmas 2010
Happyness  (Andere)
XJR1300207 und Heather Tozer, Barcelona, Spain, Apr 26, 2011
We made contact on bikerkiss on the 11-9-2007 (first letter) and we decided to contact with skype.
Well we did and from that day we just new we were right for each other, yea I now its just sounded two good to be true.

Well we talked for a short time (about 2 months) And then Heather Asked me if I would like a holiday, well of coarse I said yes, but then I had no passport ups. So wat do you do if you have not got one, get one he he he he..well that tuck 1 week ? So that was it I planed a holiday in Spain! I have never flown before or been to another country SO this was a big one. Being a taxi driver in my home town of Kendal getting time off at Xmas time was not easy, but I managed to get the beginning of December off so planed a flight then to get back into Britain for the 10th of December.

I got a mate to run me to the local air port off Blackpool and I was on the plain "very nervous" . We had arranged to meet in the main Buss station in Barcelona ......... at a... Vollständige Geschichte lesen>>

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Go for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (but be carefull)

Graham Cave State Park~
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Married  (Verheiratet)
Cherokeejulz und Shovelhead987, Montgomery County Missouri, United States, Feb 21, 2011
We met on Bikerkiss, he winked at me Jan. 06. We started dating June 06. Got married Oct. 07 we included the bike at the wedding. It was a beautiful fall 80 degree weather magical day. Shovelhead and me rode off into the sunset. Been married now for 3 years....Thanks BK~~

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Tell the truth, no matter what it is if that person is right for you they will understand anything. If they have a good sence of Humor and can laugh at all the bumps in the highway!

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msmagnolia und doctorric, Miami, FL, United States, Aug 31, 2010
That is the day we took a ride over to fort meyers and tied the knot at a local flower shop! After communicating via tele and nearly 4 months later meeting in person, we pretty knew that we there was a connection there. lo and behold, from initial emails to date, we are now married over 4 months. For a honeymoon/vacation, we took the full dresser to d.c. for 5 days, then down to asheville, nc and over then to knoxville, tn, then back home. Life is good, looking to bring more into it, and riding onward to a lasting life of love, companionship and bringing all that's good into it.

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hey. it worked for us. and for a friend of mine who found her love, now going on 2 years for them. keep on keeping on.

MissKris1954 und Iamnomad, Tacoma, WA, United States, Aug 29, 2010
My significant other & I met 2 years ago through Bikerkiss. We are currently living together & have ridden many miles together. NEVER would have met without this site. Our families even get along beautifully!. Thanks a million.

edgewalker54 , Everett, WA, United States, Aug 12, 2010
I met someone very special and we are now exclusive. Let me tell about my good fortune with BikerKiss.

I received a notice from you about someone that viewed my profile. When I went and checked hers, well let's just say I was smitten! We exchanged 3 or 4 emails, then I sent my phone number to her and we talked a few times. We arranged a 'Meet & Greet' at a local watering hole and sat for two and a half hours and talked. We laughed and drank a few beers and that was it! I was hooked and so was she!

Since I am a year away from a divorce, we have decided to date for a year before making any long-term plans. Tips? When a guy writes his profile, be honest, funny, happy & run spell chek everytme!

Thanx BikerKiss!
JD Day