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lorayne , Cumbernauld, United Kingdom

i met a Guy in Canada, i live in Scotland, and i am going out there
soon, we just kinda hit it off, so thank you BK, out of all the people, we
met each other, mabey fate, im not sure, but whatever it is, i am so
glad we did meet, and also, my wee son is doing a Gap year from
university, in Canada, i have not seen him from March, so im going to see him
too, so again, thank you very much, i will give your address to all my
single friends. Yours Sincerly, Lorayne Watts,

This really great girl seen my profile, contacted me and over a period of time, we met. We're in a relationship now and I don't need BikerKiss anymore. She doesn't either! So before there's any misunderstanding, I deleted the account. Thanks very much BikerKiss.

BikerNick , North Potomac, MD, United States

No criticism. Just had enough time, met some folk, and ready to move on. This is a fabulous website and you provide a valuable service for good people. Thank you..

Dutchy , Woodstock, GA, United States

Everything is fine, there is no suggestion, I found someone on here and
he is the one I have been looking for, he is very special and I want to
thank you. Your site is amazng and I know a few people that have found
some one..

Dutchy und lievelady, Woodstock, GA, United States
I have met the most wonderful man on your site.
We are very happy together and I am going to move in with him.
Thank you veyr much for your service, it helped my find the one I was
hoping I could find.