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HappyAndFree , Marmora, ON, Canada, Jun 30, 2010
I met this guy on your website through a silly little wink he sent. I was hesitant. It's important to mention that I was married to a passive aggressive guy who drank excessively and gambled like a fiend, and made my life miserable for years just for fun. Just pause for a visual on that one. Anyway, I responded to my "wink" and told him I was 13 years older than him, and that I didn't want to waste his time or mine. I did it politely but I felt it should be brought to his attention. I think I might have suggested we just become friends. We talked quite a bit through our own private emails after a few correspondences through your site. He was very good about being just friends, but insisted that he still wanted to meet me in person at least once. Well, let me tell you this! I had the most amazing weekend of my whole life with this man in Niagara Falls! He treated me like I was royalty. He has surpassed every expectation, and I am one picky little bitch due to my past experience in a bad... Vollständige Geschichte lesen>>

dale2142 und hwymedic, North Bellmore, NY, United States, Nov 24, 2009
we met on the bikerkiss site. we both were totally honest in our profiles. there were no embelishments or false impressions. we wrote to each other for weeks before exchanging telephone numbers. we spoke for a few weeks more before amking our first date. we dated, and when we decided to become exclusive, we introduced the kids to each other. we saw over time how supprotive we were to each other and how we complimented each other, we saw each other through some difficult times, and supproted each other's kids through some adjustments and changes. i am the happiest woman alive, and i found my true soulmate in my man. we joke that we are the consummate mixed marriage: i ride a harley and he has hondas, but all joking aside, we ride side by side in everything we do. Thank you very much.

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take it slow. as a newly separated, new rider, i was looking for people to ride with and through riding, develop more friendships. not easy for a woman rider to do. but there are great men out there and i met loads of them. gentlemen all. be mindful that you are alone out there. meet at public places and ladies, pay your own way. riding is a great way to spend time with someone without the pressure of having to be a great conversationalist all the time.

11/2008 on top of Lighthouse in St Augustine FL. we love you!  (Verheiratet)
djcbmw und Kawrider1500, Sebring, FL, United States, Oct 20, 2009
I found my hubby on in Jan of 2008. We met in a public place on 2/12/2008 after emailing and eventually speaking by phone. We were married exactly one year later on 2/12/2009. Good luck hopeless romantics. I only used bikerkiss for a little over 30 days.

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Put your true self out there. Be honest and be safe. When meeting in person ALWAYS meet in a public place. Don't be too quick to judge. Good Luck! I never knew what my husband looked like until we met in person. I could see his big heart thru conversations we had via phone contact.

CallMeTheBreeze und harleyd1955, Center Moriches, NY, United States, Sep 05, 2009
I hope everyone finds what they're looking for out there. Life's too short. Open your heart.... and go for it....

Harleyd1955 and I have had some great times. The riding is always the best. No place else I'd rather be. Will never forget the first day we met and it's all because of So, thank you....

Found one another  (Verlobt)
wyldheart und arlo, East Wenatchee, WA, United States, Jul 17, 2009
After fourteen years of single life I met the man I have been searching for.Arlo answered my email then road every weekend over the mtn to see me,now we are together and very happy..Thank You Biker Kiss for making all of this possible...wyldheart

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Never give up,,it all happens in time and when its suppose to..Thank You Biker Kiss