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michael6585 and IHEARTBIKES, Puyallup, WA, United States , Nov 26, 2008
Thank you Biker Kiss for finding the love of my life! We found each other in the first week, after endless emails and hours of talking on the phone we finally decided to meet. It was love at first site for both of us! Now we are engaged and looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together and then some.

Advice to other members:

Never ever give up, the love of your life is still out there waiting for you!

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sukie1 and Dman121, Pinellas Park, FL, United States , Sep 29, 2008
I have been dating Dman121 for a month now and it has been wonderfull we share lots of things in common we have the same values this is the best i have found been in various sites fo romance and never hit it off like this Thanks Biker Kiss

Advice to other members:

Dont give up there's some one out there for you too.

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LISAEF76 and george2004, Oak Lawn, IL, United States , Aug 29, 2008
Over 2 years ago I met the man of my Dreams, We have been inseprable since, aprox 27,000 miles and that is just on the Bike.... We Married on Aug. 4th 2007, and left the next day for Sturgis, We have had so many challenges since then and we are still going strong. I love and adore this man and would give my life for Him, as he would me. Heep the faith, your soulmate is out there, and I now know there is only one soulmate in a life time. Good Luck and Keep the Faith

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Bikerlikers and Yamaha!, Pueblo, CO, United States , Aug 10, 2008
Riding has always been fun. Being caught on a bike, as a kid, was a week of being grounded in HS. Being busted was my biggest fear.
Now that my children are grown, I want to enjoy the things I've always loved and enjoyed doing.
BK has given me so many opportunities to meet people with the same interests. I've chatted with people from Australia, Germany, Sweden, Canada, and all over the great USA! I love all the friends I've made! Just because of BK, I've traveled through the most beautiful country in the world and met so many dear friends along the way. I'm sincerely grateful for the fun BK has offered. Wish I could report a 'coupling', but I'm just enjoying life right now and BK has been my instrument to get moving and experience my passion to the fullest! I'm a rider myself now, but still love hanging on. Being a passenger is a good thing.
BikerKiss is a great site for finding friends and giving you the 'spunk' to go for it and follow your desires.

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Dyscrasite and BikerQueen2007, Florence, MS, United States , Jun 23, 2008
BikerQueen2007 and Dyscrasite's relationship started off rather oddly with a wink followed by fun poking and jokes to each other and at each other. Then the phone calls began which led to finally meeting in person in the State of Missouri for a ride in the country side.
We both met and had fun and connected more than just on a physical attraction; finding that we were the same in many ways and yet very different in others.
I (Dyscrasite) was more so distant than Suzy (BikerQueen2007) but yet willing to take the chance I was so fearful of taking.
Suzy was not just fun to be with but made me feel good just being with her, soon the plane rides started over the Fall, Winter and Spring months and we found ourselves meeting the others children and then on to each others respected Parents.
Our friendship turned to love with talking and having fun with each other.
I was hard headed and she was not pushy which made it very easy for her to squeeze in and break into the walls... Read Full Story>>