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SilverAngel und Ibdabreeze, Longmont, United States, Apr 06, 2012
Breeze posted his profile and I am the first one he sent a message to. I responded immediatly and we met that very evening for coffee. We've already been to Mexico and still having a great time!

perfect together  (Andere)
secondchances und talldon2000, London, Canada, Dec 13, 2011
I don't think I expected to find the man perfect for me.... but for almost a year now he's been my companion, and its an incredible match. :-)
We have a wonderful future ahead of us if the last year is any indication.... I can only hope I bring him even half the happiness he's brought me.

I can't find a wedding pic, (i'll keep looking). This our latest trip; the Black Hills of SD.
met the man of my dreams  (Verheiratet)
SaraBear2000 und dacoots, me - Tucson; him- Houston, United States, Jul 08, 2011
When I first subscribed to bikerkiss in January of 2010, I didn't think too much of online dating sites. However, after only 4 days of using your site, Dan winked at me. We started conversing online, then phone calls. He rode from Houston to Tucson in March of 2010. I gotta say, I was so pleased to really meet someone who has the same interests and love of riding like I do. We continued to see each other on the weekends when his job relocated him to Albuquerque, NM. We would meet in the middle, at Deming, NM, on the weekends. This was not enough for us. In August of last year, I left my job, put all my belongings in storage, and went on the road with him and his job. I gotta tell ya, my life today is exciting, fantastic, so much more than I had EVER anticipated. We were married during Thunder in the Hills Rally in Bandera, TX, where he owns property, in April of 2011. We travel all over the western US with his work, riding on the weekends to wherever the road takes us. All I can say, i... Vollständige Geschichte lesen>>

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My advice to all you ladies out there, and men too, is don't give up!!!! Your match made in heaven is out there, just keep looking.

nice & simple: city hall, then biked to a beautiful mountain and enjoyed a picnic-just the two of us
Have faith in your journey  (Verheiratet)
reneeny und tspara97, Staten Island, NY, United States, May 28, 2011
tspara and I met 2 years ago on cinco de mayo after meeting on bikerkiss. Initially we exchanged emails through the site, but then exchanged personal email addresses. After talking via email for a few weeks we decided to meet and so began our journey. He lived in NJ and I lived in NY, about 45 minutes away....not too bad, right? Well, 5 months into our relationship work relocated him 3 1/2 hours away. We worked as best we could with our work schedules so that we could spend at the very least 2 weekends a month together. We prevailed and on our 2 year anniversary of meeting we married....cinco de mayo 2011. I think most people would agree that getting to know someone via email makes the whole uncomfortable and awkward process of dating so much more enjoyable and easy. And bikerkiss from what I have seen with all of the success stories has an awesome batch of down to earth normal and cool people just waiting for their partner in life to come along.

Xmas 2010
Happyness  (Andere)
XJR1300207 und Heather Tozer, Barcelona, Spain, Apr 26, 2011
We made contact on bikerkiss on the 11-9-2007 (first letter) and we decided to contact with skype.
Well we did and from that day we just new we were right for each other, yea I now its just sounded two good to be true.

Well we talked for a short time (about 2 months) And then Heather Asked me if I would like a holiday, well of coarse I said yes, but then I had no passport ups. So wat do you do if you have not got one, get one he he he he..well that tuck 1 week ? So that was it I planed a holiday in Spain! I have never flown before or been to another country SO this was a big one. Being a taxi driver in my home town of Kendal getting time off at Xmas time was not easy, but I managed to get the beginning of December off so planed a flight then to get back into Britain for the 10th of December.

I got a mate to run me to the local air port off Blackpool and I was on the plain "very nervous" . We had arranged to meet in the main Buss station in Barcelona ......... at a... Vollständige Geschichte lesen>>

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Go for it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (but be carefull)