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thanks for everything!
bl********96, Tucson, AZ, United States
I signed up for my profile and foud myleatheryourlace in about 10 minutes.
It was incredibly easy! I winked at him 2 days later and got a wink back
right away. we shared a few e-mails and neither one of us wanted endless
e-mails so I sent him my phone number and the first night we talked it
was a 4 hour conversation. The night after that it was 5 hours and eqach
conversation was at least that long or longer. We are meeting in Vail
at a night spot that bikers frequent and I am staying with him thisweekend.
We can't wait to meet and to finally get our hands on each other!!! I
really like him and between the talking and the pics back and forth, we both
know for sure we are physically attracted to each other!! If for some
reason it dosn't work out I know right where to come back to. I doubt that will happen as we are perfectly suited to each other in every way! See ya
and thanks for everything.Blackwidow96

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