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I have met a very nice man on your site.
Ha********ee, Marmora, ON, Canada, Jun 30, 2010
I met this guy on your website through a silly little wink he sent. I was hesitant. It's important to mention that I was married to a passive aggressive guy who drank excessively and gambled like a fiend, and made my life miserable for years just for fun. Just pause for a visual on that one. Anyway, I responded to my "wink" and told him I was 13 years older than him, and that I didn't want to waste his time or mine. I did it politely but I felt it should be brought to his attention. I think I might have suggested we just become friends. We talked quite a bit through our own private emails after a few correspondences through your site. He was very good about being just friends, but insisted that he still wanted to meet me in person at least once. Well, let me tell you this! I had the most amazing weekend of my whole life with this man in Niagara Falls! He treated me like I was royalty. He has surpassed every expectation, and I am one picky little bitch due to my past experience in a bad marriage. My profile was purposely written in a way so that there would be no doubt as to what I was searching for. Just read it and it is self explanatory. No ifs ands or buts.

Anyway, I met Kal. He's a chef. He has a bike. He has the most amazing personality and good looks too. I thought initially: "Oh shit, here we go again. This is too good to be true. He's a romance scammer" so I was really careful. I met a half a dozen scammers on SPM. Never again! After I spoke with him a few times, literally documenting his every word, I disclosed to him that I not only have my regular day job working with autistic kids but, I have a side-job and I track people down doing (licensed) private investigator work. I told him that I also do process serving for a bunch of lawyers. I was being truthful with him 100% while at the same time I was analyzing his reaction. He thought that was fine.

I figured a scammer would immediately run for the hills after hearing that. I even went as far as to scan my PI license and send it to him by email to see if he'd run from me. The guy didn't flinch! As it turns out, he is genuine. What a surprise! So there are real men out there who have looks, personality or two other redeeming qualities. OMG I'm embarassing myself. LOL. So this morning he texted me and told me that he loves me. I've known him barely two weeks. What a find! He thinks I'm a real catch. Our age difference means nothing to him. Thank you Bikerkiss. Who knows? If I ever decide to marry again, mind you it's highly unlikely, I'm going to be thanking you from the bottom of my broken heart. And you may publish my story but please, keep our names out of it please. I never expected any of this in a million years. Hell I'd pay you an additional month's fees just to say thanks!

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