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Br****an and afrothena, Lynnwood, United States
Just thought we'd share a true story of how well this site worked for us.

We had each been in a few relationships and a couple of marriages. Tired of the dating scene, and pretty leery of the usual BS found on web dating sites, we both thought, "Why not just try a site that is about a hobby we have and see if there are just a couple of friends out there?"

It was basically our last thought to find a soulmate....but we did.

The lady was nearly done with the site.....not much luck initially...and made one last run through the profiles before leaving. Apparently, my profile caught her eye and she messaged me. It was about my last month on the site, too and...what is this?....someone interesting, funny,!

We talked, flirted, shared stories. The short version is, she took a chance on a job opening in my area and moved within 40 miles of my home. We spent more and more time together....amazed at each other and....that was five years ago. We've been together ever since, inseparable. We getting married in 39 days and plan the rest of our lives together!

Biker Kiss works! Keep at it, find your partner here. They exist and you'll hook up when the time is right. We did!

Thanks for a great site and hello to anyone who may still be here from our days. Don't give up!

Peace, out.