"Time will tell"

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ladydi56 and fastvette622, Romeoville, IL, United States

It all started in October, 2005, when we were both surfing BK, checking to see who was on the chat line. Just as I was about to click on his user name to send a message, the screen opened up from him. That's how it all began. Since then we have IM'd almost every day, have talked on the phone several times, and even planned to meet, but my work schedule messed that one up. We have talked on IM for up to 6 hours in a day (on the weekend). We have so much in common that we even say the same thing at the same time almost word for word. We have laughed until we had tears rolling down our faces. We have comforted each other during times of loss. We have been there for each other. Fastvette622 is such a wonderful man, and we are finally going to get to meet each other on September 15th. We have learned so much about each other since October, and we both know we like each other a lot. We can hardly wait until the day gets here.

Since we haven't met yet, we don't have any pics of us together, so we will post separate ones here. Will post more after we meet.

Is this a dream coming true? As fastvette622 says "Time will tell."