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blackwidow96 and myleatheryourlace, Tucson, AZ, United States

I got my membership on this site and found a guy in the first 10 min. I winked him (he is hottttt!!!) He winked back!! We since have had 4 and 6 hour conversations on the phone. and what conversations they are!! We are completely compatable in EVERY way!! yes we have had those conversations too!! I'm going down to Tucson on the 16th of March to meet him and I'm going to ride him hard and put him away wett!!! I think I may have found my partner in crime and I was one of the biggest skeptics on the block. But it really does work!! I'm pulling my membership as I don't need to look any further. Doyle I have found a lifelong friend in you and plan to look you up when I come to Texas to pick up my Flyrite bike. and Travis I have also made a lifelong friend in you and we will meet soon. safe rides to everyone on the site and best of luck in love!!! Chance (blackwidow96)